Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brushes with Fame

It's Oscars night! The dresses are beautiful, the awards themselves are boring, and the only thing I'm really anxious to see tonight is Idina Menzel singing Let it Go.

In honor of the Oscars tonight, I present the Petrons' brushes with celebrity, those moments when we were in the presence of famous folks in entertainment. I'm totally excluding politicians from this list, because, come on, I worked on Capitol Hill for three years. Politicians just aren't that exciting when you live in DC.

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin: New Year's Eve 1996. The (now-defunct) Lighthouse Restaurant, Athens, Georgia. I was working as a waitress in this small restaurant when Georgia-native Basinger and then-husband Baldwin came in for dinner. They weren't sitting in my section, but they were gracious to everyone and tipped their waiter very well. She was absolutely beautiful in person.

Kerry Washington: David went to college with her!

Kate Hudson: She was staying at the Halekulani hotel in Honolulu while David and I were on our honeymoon there. She was filming You, Me, and Dupree. When her nanny had Kate's son in the hotel pool one day, I mistakenly made a comment about his being such a cute little girl. Oops.

Julia Ormond: Lobbied my former boss about anti-human trafficking efforts when we were working on an anti-trafficking bill in 2008.

Julianne Moore: Was having dinner at the table next to ours in a downtown New York City restaurant. She's positively luminous in person, and her daughter was also just gorgeous.

Bono: Also came in to lobby my former boss on humanitarian issues. The entire office went gaga, obviously.

Patricia Heaton: Met her at a Feminists for Life event here in the DC area. Total class act.

Kate Mara: David was recently on an LA-DC flight with her. I'm still bitter he wouldn't send me a surreptitious picture, but kudos to my husband for being classier than I am.

Michael Stipe and some other REM member: When I was on the UGA homecoming court in 1997, they were seated in the row in front of us at the Homecoming week Indigo Girls concert. I think they were none too happy to be in the section with the kids on Homecoming court.

What are your brushes with fame?

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Jessica said...

Wow! That's a lot of celebrity encounters. I can't think of any. Iowa isn't really a hotbed for celebrities...I don't even live over on the eastern side of the state where Ashton Kutcher is from.

Oh! I did see one of the Harold & Kumar guys coming out of a hotel in NYC - the only reason I know is because a big crowd gathered, excited to see him. I think it was Kal Penn? It was about 10 years ago so he was only known for those movies back then and I didn't really care. I do have a blurry picture, though. Somewhere.

Susie said...

Dude, that IS a lot of encounters! After I read the first one, I was immediately surprised that your Athens encounter wasn't with Michael Stipe (and then I read the rest of the post, hah). He might be my only celebrity encounter, but I saw him a number of times at various restaurants and maybe a dance club type place.

I should say I have encountered minor celebrities, and just had no idea. Like there was one at the airport last weekend, and my fellow passengers were all het up, but I had no idea who they were talking about. Pop culture woo!