Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

So, Kendra over at Catholic All Year is hosting a Big Purse Dump, which just seems like too much fun to pass up. I mean, I'm not the kind of person who peeks into other people's medicine cabinets, but I am the kind of person who loves looking at online photos of houses for sale and going to open houses in my neighborhood. Sometimes it's just fun to see what's on the inside of things you usually only see the outsides of, right?

The purse: a gigantic, bright orange Kate Spade two-handled tote, purchased for 40% off at the outlet. I get more compliments on this purse than any other I've ever had, which is strange because it's definitely not the most beautiful purse I own. I think it's definitely because the color is so attention-grabbing. This is the purse that has taught me that two handles make my life SO MUCH EASIER, because I can easily dig around in it while it's still on my shoulder. I've tried to go back and use other purses since buying this one, and it's just so much more annoying. Plus, this one holds anything I need.

The inside is this black and white stripe that I adore, and it's better than a big black hole where I'd just lose everything. It's got an outside and an inside zippered pocket and two phone pockets. (For two phones? A work and personal phone? Who knows.)

 And here's everything that's in my purse. Some of it is pretty standard: Wallet, gloves (during the winter only), keys, sunglasses (in the white case), gum, Kleenex, hand lotion and hand sanitizer. Not pictured: feminine hygiene products. (Just keepin' it real, folks. But not in photos.)

The red sunglasses are Nate's. He calls them his "super spy glasses." After he broke two adorable pairs of sunglasses that I bought for him--faux RayBans and tiny Avaiators--he found these on a neighborhood playground last year. I posted to my neighborhood email listserv a description of the glasses and the location where we'd found them, secretly hoping that no one would speak up to claim them because he had absolutely and completely fallen in love with them. No one did, and of course the ones he found for free--the ones that I actually find kind of hideous--are still going strong almost a year later. Kids, man.

For those who aren't Catholic, the silver ring-like thing on top of my wallet is a finger Rosary. For all of my aspirational Rosary-praying.

I always seem to have random LEGO minifigures or parts of minifigures in my purse, from the times Nate insists on bringing them out of the house. The pink and gray book is just a blank notebook that I got at Target and use to jot down meal plans or grocery lists, or that I give to Nate with a pen at restaurants. The index card is my Costco shopping list from earlier this week. It went directly into the recycling bin after this photo.

Mini racecar. Mini IronMan. Mini Washington Capitals goalie. Clearly I am the mother of a little boy.

This ziploc baggie weirdly contains cutouts of craft foam in the shapes of "nets," "goal lights," "pucks," and several different colored squares to represent two hockey teams, the referees, and the Zamboni. Nate used to use them all the time to play hockey on the table in restaurants, although lately, he hasn't been as interested. I leave them in my purse because they essentially weigh nothing and take up no space in the bag. I'm willing to bet that I am the only woman in America to have this particular thing in her pocketbook.

Graham Greene's The End of the Affair, which I'm currently reading for my Catholic book club. Shortly after this photo I accidentally left it in my doctor's office. It's a hike to drive out there, so I'm pretty annoyed at myself.

The outside pocket of my purse has four sticker books, two little books that Nate got in McDonald's Happy Meals (which, ironically, both extol the virtues of healthy eating), and a Mass picture book.

The black-and-white bird pouch in the overview picture is my makeup pouch, which keeps all my toiletries nicely contained. It's also a Kate Spade outlet 40% off purchase. (As is my yellow wallet, incidentally. I may have gone a bit overboard that day.)

Antibacterial wipes, hand lotion, blotting papers, concealer, powder, a tiny hair clip, two lip balms, lip liner, and seven(!!!) lipsticks and lip glosses. Immediately after taking this photo I chucked four of the lipsticks/glosses up into my bathroom. Seven is simply unreasonable. Also, heavy. 

So that's it: a peek into the Big Orange Bag. You can eyeball dozens of other purses' contents over at Catholic All Year. Go ahead and take a peek. I won't tell anyone.


Jessica said...

I LOVE that purse.

Dr. Maureen said...

I love that purse too, and it's totally because it's orange. I am a big fan of fun colors for accessories. I have turquoise shoes, and they're my favorite.

Kendra Tierney said...

Yes, love the orange purse. I'm also a huge fan of fun linings. It feels like a secret.

I like how hockey-themed your toys are.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Of course your purse contains a hockey goalie.

I do like these posts! But I can't do one myself because I actually don't carry a purse, just a wallet.

Susie said...

I love these posts! It makes me wish I hadn't downsized to a teeny purse that holds basically just my wallet. Le sigh.

april said...

I have a Kate Spade outlet purse too, and I get tons of compliments on it - it's kelly green. And I want to do this post. Maybe next week..

Mama Bub said...

I love these posts (and I'm DAYS behind on my reading.) Your yellow wallet is the best.