Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh, kid.

As we entered Nate's third year, there were two looming parenting tasks that I'd been positively dreading. The first was transitioning him from a crib--where he'd always been perfectly happy--to a bed, and the second was potty training. And suddenly I find myself having completed both of these tasks with essentially no drama at all. (Well, it's a huge overstatement to say that potty training is "complete," but aside from inevitable regressions, I'd say the worst is behind us.) I'm left sort of shaking my head and waiting for the other shoe to drop, because, seriously, that's it? But here we are.

We never had the baby-on-the-way pressure that forces many parents to move a kid out of a crib, and Nate had always been very happy in his. He did learn back in February how to climb out of a Pack-n-Play, which made our trip to Arwen's more eventful than I would have liked, but we handled it. (Also making the trip too eventful? Linus's many days in the hospital and Nate's overnight admission there. Boo.)

He'd never tried to climb out of his crib at home, even after he climbed out of the Pack-n-Play, until one day in May, he did. I promptly panicked, because what were we going to do?????, and we had one napless day and one rough night during which David slept with Nate on a double mattress on the floor beside the empty crib. The next morning, the crib came down, child-proof knob covers went over his bedroom and closet doors to keep him in his room and out of the closets at naptime and bedtime, and . . . that was kind of it. We started with the double mattress and box spring right on the floor, but put them up on a bed frame when it became clear that Nate wasn't a roller. And aside from some inevitable messes in his room when he's fighting sleep--I've replaced all of the books on his bookshelf more times than I'd care to count--it's been a total non-event. He just . . . started sleeping in a bed. Huh.

Ditching the diapers was something I figured had to be a challenge. Nate had used the toilet or a little Bjorn potty on occasion ever since we vacationed last August with some friends whose daughter had just potty trained. For months, he's been able to run around the house for hours naked or pants-less with his potty nearby, and always manage to avoid accidents. Put him in pants or underwear, though, and all that self-control went out the window.

I foresaw weeks or months of frustration and messes, and so while we occasionally let Nate wear underwear around the house as an exercise in hey-let's-see-how-this-goes, I had no real plan for making the switch full-time.

Last Saturday, though, he somehow figured out, on his own, how to pull down his shorts and underwear at the necessary time, and so David and I decided to just go with it. He's been in underwear all the time since then, except when he's in bed, and has had fewer accidents in seven days than I can count on one hand. And he's been out, too--to the National Mall, to multiple restaurants, to a museum, and to watch fireworks on July 4th.

Mostly, we've been watching him like a hawk when we're out and asking him ad infinitum whether he needed to go. Today, though, I took him out to lunch, and he told me when he needed to use the bathroom. What started as sort of a random experiment to see whether he could do okay, sometimes in underwear has--through practically no effort on my part--turned in to an essentially-potty-trained kid. 

And it's the "kid" part that's got me flabbergasted. Suddenly the last trappings of babyhood--the crib and the diapers--are basically gone, and there's no question that we're the parents of a full-fledged kid. An amazing, bright, funny, sweet, bouncing-off-the-walls kid.

It's pretty awesome.


Sarah in Ottawa said...

I'm so glad to hear that this was such an easy transition for Nate. We had a similar time with Teddy (and I felt a bit guilty because it seemed so drama free) but it's nice to hear similar stories. Now - on to hockey season!

Salome Ellen said...

Just a great big grin! ;-D

Kape said...

Hi Lauren, This is totally unrelated to your blog post (although I hope potting training my 2 year old son goes as well as yours did!) but I had to thank you. I bought the Natori underwear that you posted about in January (I waited until they were on sale) and I LOVE them. Hands down best on the planet. Thank you for writing about them on Style Lush!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

I felt like I'd won the lottery when potty training went like that. Half-hearted trying for a while (with us giving in quickly when it didn't work)...then poof! Done!

AmyRobynne said...

We're at the naked-and-no-accidents stage with my 23 month old son and I'm glad to hear it might not be impossible to move forward. At the moment, any clothes over him are treated like a diaper, although he will hold it sometimes when we're out and is happy to pee when we get somewhere or leave. He just won't jump on the toilet by himself like he does when naked.