Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On ice

I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it here, but my son is currently obsessed--completely and totally smitten--with hockey.

It started innocently enough. We have a one-fourth share in two season tickets to the Washington Capitals, and the pre-season tickets are pretty much thrown in for free. We decided to take Nate to an afternoon pre-season game, figuring that if he was squirmy and fidgety and otherwise refused to sit in our laps, we could leave without being out anything. This is, after all, a kid who's not exactly known for his ability to sit still, and our expectations weren't too high.

He was mesmerized. He sat still; he was enthralled; he watched and clapped and generally had a terrific time. And he's talked of little else since.

We're in a bit of an odd position in our house; we like both the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins (who, incidentally, hate each other). David is from Pittsburgh and grew up a Pens fan, but he likes hockey enough to want to see it live on a regular basis--hence the season tickets. So in the time since the pre-season game, Nate has acquired roughly double the amount of hockey gear that the average two-year-old hockey fan might, including:
  • Three hockey jerseys (one regular Caps, one regular Pens, and a Pens Winter Classic)
  • One hockey net
  • Eight hockey sticks (six from my in-laws, one from the guy who has the season tickets next to us, and one from a colleague of David's)
  • Two hockey pucks (both from attending Caps practice)
  • Four pairs of hockey-themed socks (two Caps, two Pens)
  • Two Hot Wheels-sized zambonis (one Caps, one Pens)
  • A mini hockey player toy (Pens)
  • A soft toy puck (Pens)
  • An Alexander Ovechkin Christmas ornament
Um, I think that's it? Maybe?

(The Christmas ornament wasn't even supposed to be for Nate. I was in David's stocking, but Nate quickly co-opted it for himself and began carrying "Ovie" around everywhere.)

Now, lest you think that David and I are going crazy buying things over here, I should point out that, of all the items listed above, we purchased exactly one: the Caps jersey. I have an exceedingly generous mother in law who is as big a sports fan as her sons, and whose primary love language clearly is gift giving. Oh, and I guess we did buy him a Blu Ray of the movie "Miracle," after he kept demanding to watch the final locker room speech and final minutes of the movie over and over again on YouTube. He insists on watching "hockey movie" several times each week, usually while wearing one of his [three!] jerseys and swiping at a puck or ball with one of his [eight!] sticks.

Like I said, obsessed.

It was only natural, then, that David would want to let him try ice skating. He can't start formal lessons until he turns three, but the local ice complex has a "Recess at the Rink" specifically for kids aged 2-6 with little or no experience to stake with a parent. So we ended 2011 with something new.

He couldn't stay on his feet, but, man, did he love being out on the ice. Every time an exhausted David would try to bring Nate out of the rink, Nate would clamor back through the gate with cries of "more, more!"

I can see my future, and it involves five a.m. practices. God help me, people, I think I'm going to be a hockey mom.


Maureen said...

I love this post and love these pictures!!! (although, wow, am I glad I have a girl because I am NOT the hockey fan the rest of this family is!!)

PrinceOfTheWest said...

Should I get him a Red Wings jersey? ;)

Sarah in Ottawa said...

Or would he like a Sens, Leafs, or Habs jersey?

I cannot wait to hear your stories about bundling up for early practices at frigid rinks. And Nate is just the most adorable thing ever.

I didn't know that they have Hotwheels zambonis. Teddy would adore one, I think. He got a hockey set for Christmas, so we'll be breaking that out soon.

Elsha said...

How cute is he in those ice skates?! I love hearing what other people's kids are obsessed with. Around here it's all dinosaurs, all the time.