Monday, November 28, 2011


Nearly every time I fire up my laptop these days, Nate clamors into my lap, demanding "Picture! Picture!"  (Actually, it sounds more like "Peecha!  Peecha!")  He wants me to open the Photo Booth application and take pictures of the two of us--or let him take pictures of himself.

Adorable, right?  Except that in every single picture, he wants to open his mouth as wide as it will go. 


I'm sure it's just a phase, right? 


Sarah in Ottawa said...

Oh my goodness - Teddy went through the same thing right around the time Veronica was born. Sometimes, he'd accompany the gaping mouth with an "Ahhhhhhhh!".

Nate? Is so freakin' adorable.

Brandon said...


Elsha said...

LOVE! What a cutie!

Erica said...

Anna did that for a while too. It's hilarious.

Elizabeth said...

But what a sweet open smile! He looks like such a joyful kid.