Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's talk about my birthday! And my hair! Because those things TOTALLY go together.

Today is my birthday. Yesterday I was feeling slightly angsty about the whole "another year older" thing, because these years, they are really piling up now, but today I've been refreshingly nonchalant about it. Perhaps it's because, as per usual on one's birthday, I woke up feeling exactly the same as I felt yesterday, and not suddenly all arthritic and possessed with a need to eat dinner at half past lunchtime. (Although, ironically, our dinner reservation tonight is at a positively geriatric FIVE PM. So maybe the joke's on me.)

I'm feeling particularly spunky because yesterday I had all of my hair cut EVEN SHORTER, of you can believe it, and can we discuss how happy my short hair makes me? I mean, on its best days I used to love my longer hair. If it wasn't raining, or windy, or humid--which is to say, practically never--and I worked hard at blow-drying it with a round brush, it looked pretty cute. I'd made peace with the fact that it won't lie straight or turn under at all, and so I did this sort of flippy-out thing and for quite a few years I kept it mostly the same out of deference to a growth pattern that baffles even the most unflappable stylist. But it took forever, and if there was even a whiff of moisture in the air I'd step outside and see my hard work demolished in a span of mere minutes. Y'all, I kept a combination round-brush-hair-dryer thingie in my desk at work, so that I could RE-flip the ends at the office on bad-weather days. It was a lot of effort, is what I'm saying.

And while I don't think my short hair is the most adorable or stylish thing ever (on ME, that is, because I see other women all the time who have short cuts that are positively darling), here's the thing: With my old haircut, the significant effort far outweighed the typically mediocre results. Now, I put in very little effort, and the results are consistently JUST FINE. And they're fine regardless of the relative humidity level, which is HUGE.

So, anyway. Short hair= win. And now even shorter hair=bigger win.

In other WIN news, David bought me two very lovely and delightful birthday presents:

This sweater that I really wanted from Garnet Hill.

And this dress from Boden that I am wearing AS I TYPE THESE VERY WORDS.

We are a "send me specific gift ideas" sort of family, which I dislike in some ways, but it does make it easy to get precisely what you want, so I'd send David links to both of these items. He called me from work the other day to tell me that the dress was backordered for, like, eight weeks, which made me COMPLETELY UNREASONABLY upset, as I'd had visions of this dress with a chunky necklace and boots and I needed to make my fall SAHM fashion dreams come true.

(Sidebar: Don't you hate it when you KNOW that you are having a completely unjustified emotional reaction to something very minor, and you STILL can't stop feeling the way you're feeling? This happens to me all the time, and it just adds insult to injury. I feel like if the intellectual side of my brain totally GETS that I'm being crazy, it should be able to whip the emotional side into shape. But no.)

But! David gave me a box to open this morning and it contained both the sweater AND the dress! And he keeps telling me that there are MORE presents to come, which makes me practically giddy. (I'm SPOILED SPOILED SPOILED and I totally know it, but gifts are totally one of my love languages and David loves to buy things for me, so this just really works for our relationship.)

Anyway, to sum everything up. Hair=short. Husband=generous. Birthdays=awesome. You=really glad this post is over.

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! I love that sweater. Does David want to buy me one?

Holly said...

So, about the hair: PICTURE OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. I need some inspiration! ;)

(Also: Happy Birthday!)

Very cute sweater! And Garrett and I are totally the same way about gifts -- that is, if we even get each other gifts. But there are much worse things than getting things you want, right? ;) Hope you have a great day!

Arwen said...

I'm so glad you were born. :-)


ccr in MA said...

Happy birthday!

I too wish that the sensible part of my brain had any control over the other part. Unfortunately with me it seems to work the other way.

On my birthday when I was somewhere in my 20s, my grandmother asked me how it felt to be whatever age I was, and I told her that I didn't feel any different than I ever had. She smiled and said neither did she, and my mind BLEW.

Betty Beguiles said...

Happy birthday, beautiful! You know I'm swooning over that Boden dress! ;)

Elsha said...

I'm come out of my lurking mode to say Happy Birthday!

Also? Pretty sure I need one of those sweaters.

A'Dell said...

I have so many things to say but first HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I am making dinner right now so I will send you an email but I have Things To Say about fall wardrobesand gifts and birthdays, etc etc but basically I am so glad I know you, Lauren. Have an awesome dinner (at 5 pm). (HA)

Ashley said...

I agree! Photos!

(I contemplate short hair...but don't know if I could pull it off-slash-have the money for upkeep!)


Tracy said...

Happy birthday! Love the hair, love the clothes, love the other present (saw on twitter). Hope it was a wonderful day, with an even better year to come!

Brooke said...

Ha ha. This post cracked me up. Sometimes I also try to think myself out of being totally irrational...and I don't think it ever works. Glad to know someone else thinks like that :)

The sweater and dress are very cute and will make you a very stylish SAHM! I'm excited to see your haircut.

Sarah in Ottawa said...

Happy Birthday!! This week in '75 was a good one, what with you and my Dave arriving.

Such cute stuff. And I'd love to see pictures of the hair.

Thank you for articulating one of my daily frustrations in your sidebar. I know that I'm irrationally angry, but can I reason my way out? No. No I cannot. I am glad to see that I am not alone in this.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, a day late. Hope it was great!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday - you scored! I agree completely on the short hair thing and reasons for.

MichelleRenee said...

Also DeLurking from NH for a

Happy Birthday!