Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Up

First of all, thank you all so very, very much for your kind comments, emails, notes, and prayers on our behalf. We're doing fine, and I can't believe it's only been a month since I realized I was miscarrying. David was out of town on business for basically three out of the last four weeks, which meant that I pretty much had to put my head down and power through.

Nate's been particularly affected by his absence. When he was gone for most of two weeks in a row, Nate was inconsolable by the end of the second week, touchy and sensitive in a way that's not like him at all. He'd wake up crying from his naps and be moody all afternoon, and in my frustration it only occurred to me on the day he was getting home that he was probably missing David. Mom fail.

We have a security system in our house that makes a noise whenever one of the outside doors is opened. Nate has figured out that the noise means David and Miriel are home, and he now, when he hears it, he runs over to the door at the top of the basement stairs to wait for them to come up. One day this week he dashed over excitedly, saying "Papa, Papa, Papa," and my heart broke a little bit, knowing that David wouldn't be opening the door. And poor Miriel; he usually adores her, but that day he only wanted to push past her and scramble down the stairs, not believing us as we told him that Papa wasn't down there. It was a sad moment.

In the meantime, though, there's been a lot going on. Nate started taking "swim lessons," which I'm sure aren't helping him learn how to swim at all, but he loves getting in the pool with me at the rec center and moving around in the water, clutching the rubber ducky that the instructor hands out to each of the kids. In fact, he likes it so much (and I like his subsequent three-hour naps so much) that we bought a membership to a local pool for the summer. I'm a little annoyed that we can't just go to the much closer and much cheaper city pool near our house, but the city pool (1) doesn't open at all on weekdays until the end of June, after school lets out, and (2) even then, doesn't open until noon each day, which precludes any chance at a long-nap-inducing-pre-nap swim.

Someone sold us their membership, which is terrific. Apparently it's standard practice for families to sell memberships to other families, which is odd because there's a long waiting list for memberships. I can't figure out why anyone would sign up for the waiting list instead of just buying from someone directly, although I guess a lot of folks don't know about this practice. I'm on a couple of neighborhood listservs, and I'd seen this happening all last summer and all this spring. So when we decided to buy, I just posted an email to the listserv saying that I was looking for a membership, and someone contacted me wanting to sell her family's. Easy.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that something far less exciting and far more annoying happened this week: Our air conditioner died. Our house is a 1941 Cape Cod, but it has a huge, three-level addition on the back, so it has one unit for the older part of the house and one for the addition. The unit that cooled the older part of the house was from 1991, and, frankly, I'm shocked it lasted as long as it did. It was going to cost well over $1000 to try to fix it, and at twenty years old, it just seemed to make more sense to replace it. But I spent several days this week sweating and trying to vain to rid my furniture of the thick layer of pollen that had settled on everything through the wide-open windows. Of course, of course, it has been cool ever since the new unit was installed, but I'm still grateful that this happened in April instead of August.

Most exciting of all, my sister-in-law has finally gone public with her pregnancy! I am so, so thrilled that Nate is going to have a little cousin, especially one who lives right here in the same town. I'm gearing up to throw Maureen the most fantastic baby shower ever late this summer, so tell me, what was your favorite thing about your shower, or about a shower you've attended? Anything I should make sure I avoid (other than that disgusting melted-chocolate-bar-in-the-diaper game, which, just, gross)?