Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magic awaits

Holy cats! I've really let myself go when it comes to the blogging, it seems.

We've been slogging though winter, and praise God that January is over. I think Nate is getting a touch of cabin fever, as he's uninterested in any of his toys and mostly interested in (1) clinging to my legs, and (2) giving the dog his food. Good times. I can't complain too much, though, considering that Maureen's not going to be thawed out until July.

Ah, but we leave for vacation on Sunday! We've made all of our meal "reservations" (in scare quotes because apparently Disney restaurant reservations are really more like call-ahead seating--but totally necessary if you want to go to any of the sit-down restaurants). Our room is actually a one-bedroom condo with a full kitchen, and we've arranged for grocery delivery so that we can eat breakfast most days in the room. We've bought ponchos for the inevitable rain. We bought a stroller lock after reading that apparently some people do get their strollers stolen at Disney.

David almost didn't believe me when I told him that every time I've had to call the resort, they've concluded the call by telling me to "Have a magical day!" I have to stop myself from replying "You, too!" in the same way that I've finally trained myself not to "you too" the airline counter agents who wish me a pleasant flight. I told David to get ready to hear that a lot next week, and he rolled his eyes and wondered aloud whether he'd get tired of it. I think not; the thing about enjoying Disney, in my mind, is that you have to just give yourself over to the experience, and I think that won't be a problem for either of us as we watch Nate take it all in.

So my excitement is abundant, but my fears are also numerous. At this point, they include (1) whether/how well Nate will sleep in the hotel room; (2) eating out so much, considering that any restaurant meal with a toddler can turn into a scarf-your-food-and-get-the-check-before-total-meltdown experience; and (3) the amount of time Nate will be logging in the stroller, given that he pretty much hates riding in the stroller.

But here's the thing: Underneath it all, I really believe Nate is going to love it. I think he'll be mesmerized by the spectacle of it all. I think he'll love being outside so much after being cooped up in the house for much of the last two months. I think he'll enjoy a lot of the rides. I know I will enjoy just being somewhere different for a while. For the love of all that's holy, I need a change of scenery.

T-minus four days. Here we come.


Sarah in Ottawa said...

I am so, so excited FOR you!

As for your fears, I think that two of them will disappear quite quickly. The sit-down spots in Disney are amazing at getting food out quickly and keeping little kids happy - they do it numerous times every day. And yours will be one of many there at the same time.

I suspect that you won't be on a tight schedule, so if Nate gets restless, let him get out of the stroller and toddle around (not in stores, likely, but anywhere else). Frankly, he'll be so tired that he will probably WANT to be pushed around in a chariot!

I also have trouble avoiding the "You, too". I'm naturally enthusiastic and I just compliment people back. Ah well - they'd probably rather that than a surly response.

Have a magical time ;)!

Tracy said...

Enjoy! Disney is so much fun. We've done it with different age kids and hope to go one more time with all of them. The baby care rooms are great too, if you just want to stop somewhere and relax for a bit. I've had trips where we rushed around - and trips where we just planned for the high points and relaxed - and I think I enjoyed the latter much more.

A said...

Aaa! I am so excited for you guys!! And a stroller lock? I didn't even know they MADE stroller locks!

You will have a great time. Because even if Nate melts down in a restaurant it's DISNEY and it will be fine. He'll sleep because he'll be so worn out from all of the excitement of the new stuff and it will be so, so, so fun.


A said...

Um, and this is A'Dell.

Lisa said...

I'm beyond jealous.

Lindsay said...

My blogging has sort of fallen to the wayside as well, but I don't have the very good reason of having a child...

I hope you guys are having a magical time! ;o) Can't wait to hear about it when you get back!