Friday, December 3, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. I was in the car last night when the radio DJ told what she apparently thought was a hilarious story about her grandchildren being terrified to get in Santa's lap. Then, a few songs later, I heard a commercial announcing that the same station was holding a contest for the funniest photo of listeners' children scared or crying during a visit with Santa. My immediate reaction was: How is this funny? Kids are scared of a lot of things that we know there's no reason to fear, but that doesn't mean their fear is less real. Seriously, if your child is scared of Santa, why in heaven's name would you force him to sit on Santa's lap, anyway? I just fail to see how this is funny. Am I crazy?

2. I found a charming book for Nate the other day that I couldn't resist. It's a pretty hardcover book with a short story (one page per day) for every day from December first through Christmas. I know he's too young for it this year (although that didn't stop me from trying to read him the first story on Wednesday), but I thought it would be a nice Advent tradition in the coming years. It's something short and simple, and seemed like a nice thing to add to the advent wreath and calendar.

3. My old Yahoo e-mail account got hacked yesterday, which sucks. And somehow the hacking spread to my gmail account, which shut down. Even though I was able to get the gmail account restored, all of my contacts have been erased. It's infuriating.

4. I think we've settled on Nate's Christmas presents. He already has a lot of toys, and he's likely to get more from our parents and siblings for Christmas. (Which I'm in favor of! I think I enjoy his toys as much as he does.) We wanted to get him something "big," but not a big toy, so we've decided to get him one nice toy, plus an Anywhere Chair and a child-sized wooden table and chairs. I think it would be nice as he gets big enough to color and do little projects for him to have his own, small table and chair. For his Saint Nicholas Day present, I got him two sets of these egg-shaped shakers. He loves them in music class, and I can't wait for him to see them on Monday.

5. I got two pots of paperwhites this week for my kitchen windowsill. I've always wanted to force paperwhites during the holidays, but I always think about it too late. But I happened to see them already forced and in pots at Whole Foods on Wednesday, so now I can enjoy them all month! (Incidentally, when I told Arwen that I'd bought paperwhites, she thought I'd said "diaper wipes" and didn't understand what all the fuss was about.)

6. Poor David (and his dad) tried to install magnetic cabinet locks last weekend, and they didn't work. It's a total bummer, because I've been making do with rubber bands on the cabinet handles for months. The cabinet below the TV--where we keep the modem, wireless router, and printer--doesn't even have handles, so I've had to shove a chair against it. (Nate can move the chair, by the way, so it's only a semi-successful deterrent.) I don't know whether the wood is too dense, or whether one of the locks was a dud, but I'm afraid to try to install them if we're not confident they're going to open when we need them to open. So I guess we're going with these simpler ones instead. I'm pretty sure Nate will figure out how to open them eventually, though.

7. I'm looking for a good book to read. I had been reading Endurance, about Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated expedition to cross Antarctica, but I've gotten a bit bogged down. I mean, it's amazing that they all survived and everything, but reading about them eating blubber and having to kill the dogs (sad!) is getting old. I've heard great things about The Help. Any other recommendations?

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Arwen said...

I'm so with you on the Santa thing! I think so many people have great memories of their own Santa fantasies from childhood that they assume their children's Santa fears can't possibly be real. But why not? Children are people too, for heaven's sake.

*The Help* is very good. I highly recommend it! My MIL lent it to me and I read all 450 pages in a single day; I literally could not put it down. (My poor children. They're so neglected.)

claire said...

I agree, it's ridiculous that people enjoy seeing their kids get scared of Santa.

I'm surprised the magnetic locks didn't work out. We've had better luck with them than with other kinds.

Brooke said...

The Help is very good!! Couple other recommendations:

-Devil in the White City - probably not a good one if you're trying to get away from the the somewhat gory, but I found it very interesting because it's a true story. - What Remains by Carole Radziwll

I have all 3 if you want to borrow any.

Brooke said...

P.S. Let's go to Chick-fil-a sometime soon! :)