Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vacation Magic

I think we're really going to do it. All of your positive comments about taking toddlers on vacation have emboldened us, and we're pretty much decided that we're going to go to Disney World next year.

The challenge (well, not the only challenge, I'm sure) is in the timing. It turns out that going in March, when we'd initially wanted to go, is "peak" season--with peak prices and, one can assume, peak crowds. April is out; my sister is getting married early in the month, and David's firm's partner retreat is later in April. I don't want to go during the summer, because walking all over several huge theme parks with a toddler in tow doesn't sound very magical to me. And yet we think we want to go sooner rather than later.

Google tells me that the average high temperature in February is right around 73 degrees, with the average low around 50. Even though it would be a bit of a bummer not to be able to take advantage of what are apparently pretty amazing pools at a lot of the resort hotels, that weather seems basically perfect for walking around the parks.

That doesn't actually give us that much time to plan, but I figure if A'Dell can head to Disney on four days' notice and still have an amazing time, surely we can pull it off in a few months.

This is SO preliminary right now, and yet the thought of going somewhere fun as a family makes me SO excited. And it seems like a good idea to have something fun to look forward to during the depressing, stir craziness-inducing time that is post-holidays winter. (Though after the blizzards last year, you'd better believe we'll be purchasing travel insurance.) I'm buying this book tomorrow, and I see ton of internet research in my future. (Item #1: Which on-site hotel offers suites with an actual separate bedroom?)

It feels kind of crazy, but I'm counting on crazy turning out to be lots of fun.


Sarah in Ottawa said...

I am so glad that you are going for it! And I'm so sorry that I haven't emailed you back yet.

We're planning to do Disneyland at some point in the spring, as part of a San Diego trip. I am sure that we'll hit DisneyWorld a number of times (as it is closer) but we've been before. The Unofficial Guide is so awesome (we've used it both times that we've gone) as it has never steered us wrong.

And if you guys are HP fans - take a day to head to Universal Studios!

A'Dell said...

Honestly, if I had taken even a week to plan that trip then I would have been a very highly strung ball of stress. Going on a moment's notice made it very, very simple for me: I was forced to just go with it, which is SO unlike me.

But really, the thing about Disney is that there isn't a perfect age. It's great for all ages and you will have fun no matter what and the best part is that you can always go back again if you want.

It will be great! And they are running 25% off on-property hotels now too. Email me with your dates and I'll see what other discounts I can dig up.

Patti Money said...

We went last year (with our two-year-old) and absolutely loved it. Check out for awesome information on every possible topic. And if you're so inclined, check out my blog archives from December 2009 for my report of our trip. And feel free to e-mail me. One thing: you want to go to Boma (in the Animal Kingdom Lodge) and Ohana's (in the Polynesian Resort) for dinner. MAKE YOU RESERVATIONS ASAP. Trust me on both counts. Even though you don't know me. (:

C Squared said...

All of the Disney pools are heated to a perfect 86 degrees all year round, so go and enjoy the pools too.

We have been twice now (once when our son was 4 and once when he was 6). Both trips were very different, but oh so special and FUN!