Sunday, November 7, 2010

A snuggle beats a welcome wagon any day

Miriel and I got home from Chicago this evening, and not a moment too soon, as Nate made it very clear today that he was dissatisfied by my absence. David says he was fussy, clingy, and generally unhappy all day. He's like that with me on rare occasion, if he's not feeling well or has had a really bad night of sleep. Normally, though, he's a pretty happy kid. Something was definitely up, and David is convinced Nate really wanted me.

I'm not glad Nate was unhappy today, and I'm certainly not glad David had to deal with a fussy baby. But I have to admit that it feels good to know that he really did miss me. When David comes home, he kicks and waves his arms and just looks like he's thrilled to see his Papa. Because he sees me all day every day, though, he never gets really excited when I walk into the room.

I didn't get kicking and arm waving today, either. But I got a huge smile and very eager nursing and a warm little baby falling asleep right in my arms, letting out what almost sounded like a sigh of relief.

I think that means he was glad I was home. And I'll take it.


hopeforcambodia said...

How lovely to be home, and how good to get a break! What did you do about feeding? Does he take a bottle? I am wondering whether to go beyond twelve months, tired of it on one hand, but love the closeness and nourishment on the other....


Lisa said...

The first time we left Olivia for a weekend and came back, she gave us the biggest smile I have ever seen. I will always remember that smile of pure joy. Glad you had a good time.