Friday, November 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

I am at The Blathering, and so far it is nothing short of awesome. So terrific to meet these ladies who I've "known" through their blogs. Can't wait to meet everyone else!

I don't think I had ever appreciated how wonderfully simple it is to fly without a baby in tow. When the flight attendant told us to "sit back and enjoy the flight," I didn't mentally roll my eyes the way I do when Nate is with me. I read my book, played with the iPad, and talked to Miriel. Bliss.

David has already tweeted that he is completely exhausted today. Heh. Welcome to my world, honey.

The nap transition is not going so well so far. Nate took one nap on Monday and one on Tuesday, but Wednesday morning he was crabby and exhausted around 9:00. I decided to put him down and give him 15 minutes to fall asleep, figuring that if he wasn't tired enough to fall asleep quickly, I would get him back up. He was asleep within five minutes. He was also tired yesterday. David gave him only one nap today, but he is definitely acting tired too early for a proper bedtime. Aha, so THIS is why everyone says that transitioning stinks.

Speaking of baby sleep, does anyone have advice for dealing with the impending time change? I am lucky in that I won't have to deal with Sunday morning, but I have no illusions that next week will be a piece of cake. I will admit that I have been dreading this for weeks. He is already such an early riser, and I have fears of 4:00 a.m. wakeups. Repeated 4:00 a.m wakeups.

Tried a decaf pumpkin spice latte for the first time today. Mmmm. Now I see what all the fuss is about. This could become a dangerous habit.

Our view? Is amazing. We are on the 33rd floor of a condo building on Michigan Avenue, looking out over the lake and up toward the Magnificent Mile. We can see the Sears Toweer (though isn't it called something else now?) and the Navy Pier. I really do like Chicago.

More quick takes at Conversion Diary, (I am posting from my e-mail account and can't create a word link. Darn!)


Bingley's wife said...

We just got done with transitioning about a month ago, which only took a few weeks for my daughter (may it go by quickly for you as well!). It was hard getting her to stay up late enough at first, but we were slowly able to push the nap back to about 11:30 or noon. The most helpful thing was to be out of the house in the morning up until nap-time, somewhere that provided stimulation. I was also able to delay her naps with food, as she's a huge fan of eating and eats very slowly. Good luck!

Jessica said...

It's the Willis Tower. It was GREAT to meet you! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!