Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photo Fail

Oh, y'all. We had professional pictures scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon. I had been looking forward to getting these pictures taken for weeks; we haven't had any done since Nate was only a week or so old, and I was excited to get some new photos to display around the house and to get a nice photo for our Christmas cards.

Now I am just praying that any of them turn out well. Nate was beastly. He hasn't been himself lately, but today was particularly bad. He woke up at 4:30 this morning and wouldn't go back to sleep. He took a good morning nap, but refused to sleep this afternoon at all. (Remember that whole nap transition thing I mentioned? Well, the one-nap situation lasted for all of two days. On day three he was cranky and yawning at 9:00 a.m. and more or less demanded a nap. He's been back to two ever since, although for the past few days the afternoon naps have been really short or--like today--nonexistent.)

As a result, our usually-smiley, easygoing baby was surly and touchy. He basically refused to smile at all, showing teeth only when David tickled him. He squirmed and crawled away every time we tried to sit with him in one of our laps for a family shot. He consistently turned away from the camera when we tried to do more candid shots with him. At some point we decided to give him an apple we'd brought along, because he was eating one earlier today, and it was pretty cute. He refused to surrender the apple for the rest of the shoot, wailing every time we tried to move it away for a picture. I swear, that darn apple will be featured prominently in any shot that turns out at all.

And I felt so badly, because our photographer was an absolute joy. She's several years younger than we are, but, like me, she's a southern girl who went to law school and now stays at home with her kid. Her daughter is less than a week younger than Nate. She clerked for a federal judge after law school so she must have done really well--but still gave it up for motherhood. And she is totally adorable and was so friendly and patient. I seriously want to become mom friends with her.

I love the work she shows on her site, so I'm hoping that by some miracle she managed to capture Nate's adorable side despite his cloudy demeanor today. And don't even get me on how fussy he was at dinner, a dinner we'd had planned for weeks with friends who we never get to see. We probably should have canceled, but we felt like it was too late to back out (and besides, we really wanted to see our friends). Instead of getting good time to catch up with us, our poor friends--and fellow dining patrons--were literally subjected to Nate screaming in the restaurant. Again, something he never does.

He's asleep now, having passed out more or less the instant he went into the crib. And I'm pondering whether to drown my mood in a glass of wine or just go straight to bed. I have a feeling bed is going to win out.


Sarah in Ottawa said...

AEIEE! It's so irksome when your child acts so wildly out of character in those sorts of situations. Hopefully, you end with great shots anyway.

Branwen said...

Sorry the photo shoot was so difficult, those are the times that parenting is beyond frustrating! About his fussiness, has he already cut his 1 year molars or could they be on the way? Matthew's gums were actually bloody when his came in!