Monday, November 8, 2010

Only a week late, a few photos from our Halloween festivities. This year was so much more fun than last year, when Nate was still just ticked off to be outside the womb. This year we were able to take him to the pumpkin patch, stroll briefly in the (huge and crazy) Del Ray Halloween Parade, and take a be-costumed Nate to see my family and some friends in our old neighborhood. We also had several dozen trick-or-treaters at the new house, and David and I enjoyed a terrific adults-only dinner with friends the night before Halloween.

I'm trusting that Thanksgiving and Christmas this year will similarly top last year. Considering that we spent much of both holidays last year holding a crying baby, the bar is set pretty low.

Hope you and yours had a spooky and spectacular time!

Visiting the pumpkin patch.

On the way to the Del Ray Halloween Parade.

Walking in the parade.

Showing off his fighter pilot costume.

Halloween night.


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