Saturday, November 6, 2010


So, I don't feel like our neighborhood is truly suburban, and we obviously don't live in a small town or in the country. But when a come to a true city, a city like Chicago, I really do love it. There's an energy here that is unlike anything in any other environment.

I feel it a little bit when I'm in downtown DC, but DC is a strange place. For one thing, you are always as likely to run into tourists as you are to run into actual city-dwellers. And DC, in my mind, lacks the soul of a city. It is beautiful, no doubt, but there's not that same awe that comes from looking at the skyscrapers.

As we walked around, I was looking at the parents with small children in strollers, bundled up in bunting and hats and mittens. I found myself wondering what it would be like to raise a child in the city. Is it more convenient because you rarely have to deal with a car? Is it a hassle to store gear in a small apartment or navigate a stroller through crowded sidewalks? Is it easy to make friends with other parents?

We're not even going to get a chance to see the wonderful neighborhood-y areas of the city, which is a shame. It's the problem with visiting any strange city, right? It's hard to have an opportunity to really experience the place like a local. And there's not much we can do about that, given that we can't exactly move here for a few months.

I love where we live, but the problem with choosing anyplace to live is that you necessarily give up then opportunity to live any of the hundreds of other terrific places you could call home. So I will just satisfy myself with a fun visit to this terrific town, and look forward to coming back again.

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Sara said...

It was lovely to meet you this past weekend! Next time you're in Chicago I'll make sure you see the neighborhoods...they are truly special and we love living here!

btw, Nate is positively adorable!