Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Talk to me Friday morning when I'm stressing about what to wear

Thank you for your comments and suggestions! I hope it didn't sound like I don't want to be friends with working mothers; that's not the case at all. I have quite a few friends from my old job who are now moms, and I only wish I got to see them more often! I just don't want to make a commitment to a regular weekend meeting/playgroup with Nate. David gets so little time with him that I don't want to take away from that, and I really just want activities to fill those weekdays.

I also wouldn't mind hanging out with a mom who was also working as a nanny, of course. I don't know if our area is unusual, but the vast majority of nannies around here are immigrants from El Salvador. (We have a huge Salvadoran population here. When David and I taught CCD a couple of years ago, 10 of the 13 kids in our class were Salvadoran.) I'm always friendly with these nannies when I see them on the playground or out at Barnes & Noble for story time, but I feel like we're just coming from very different places. Frankly, I'm not sure they'd want to hang out with me. There's a language barrier, and we don't have the same cultural references, and we just lead very different lives.

The library is a great idea. During the school year, they had a sort of sing along/story time for babies, and there were a lot of nice moms there. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about it until late in May, so I was only able to attend a couple of times before it broke for the summer. We will definitely be going back in the fall, though. One of the librarians told me that the story time for one year olds is very crowded, so we'll have to see how that goes.

I may also pick back up with a yoga or Pilates class that includes the little ones. I'd attended a mom and baby Pilates class earlier on, but because the class was for moms with pre-crawling babies, I've had to give it up as of late. I think there might be a mom and tot yoga class at the same studio that allows older babies and toddlers. The only problem is that the classes are pretty expensive, whereas playgroups are, you know, free. Free is very good in my book.

But most importantly, an update! Despite the initial request from one mom for a weekend group, it looks like things are working out for our potential playgroup to get together for the first time this Friday. Huzzah for weekdays! One of the moms is someone I've met before at the local playground and liked. Another of the moms has a baby Nate's age and nannies for a toddler, so she's bringing both her son and her charge to the group. I think I might have met her at my previous attempted playgroup, and she seemed very sweet.

Anyway, we're meeting at lunchtime, so everyone is bringing a dish to share. I'll be contributing pasta salad. I'm sure my subtle combination of penne and Italian dressing will win everyone over and make them want to see me again. Right?

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hopeforcambodia said...

I am WITH you on the weekend thing. I am so jealous of our family time that I actually resent when we make plans with others! Unfortunately, we only get about one weekend in four that is free. I would not want to do playgroup at the weekend at all.

It makes me sad that daddies have to spend so much time at work and miss out on the baby sweetness.

Hope the group goes well! I am off to baby 'rhyme time' at the library tomorrow - fun!