Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seven! Seven! Seven!

So, Nate has one of these activity tables. He thinks it's pretty awesome, although I'll admit that I bought it on the same day that a book about Montessori education and childrearing caught my eye at Barnes & Noble. Two books and countless websites later, I'm wondering whether we should ditch all the plastic toys in favor of simple, insanely expensive wooden items. (Seriously, can someone explain to my why this thing would normally cost over $60?)

Regardless, Nate isn't all that interested in his toys right now, preferring to crawl all over the house, climb the stairs, pull up on everything, grab my cookbooks off the shelf (the only bookshelves within his reach are built into the kitchen island), and try to chew on electrical cords.

He does still play with the activity table, though. I've put it in our room so that he has a distraction while I'm putting on makeup or folding laundry. I don't find it too annoying , as far as light-up, noisemaking things go. The voices are chipper but not grating, and the little tunes are mercifully short. As he hits each button, a merry little voice rings out things like "A! B! C! Six! Eight! Star! Yellow!"

Yesterday, he must have been particularly fixated on one button, because I kept hearing, over and over, "Seven! Seven! Seven!" And the only thing I could think about was this scene from Friends:

Let's not tell Nate, okay?

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Lisa said...

Ha! I remember that scene. Don't worry...Friends will probably be on TV Land by the time Nate is interested in flipping the channels...not a channel most kids watch! But now that I think of it...probably don't want him watching most of the stuff on other channels either.