Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This post is really for me: A sorry excuse for a baby book

It's a funny thing, but I'm turning out not to be quite the sort of mom I'd expected to become. I thought I'd be one of those parents who bathes her child each and every day, until I discovered that it was far too much trouble to lug the baby bathtub up from the first-floor garage and the bath supplies from the third-floor nursery all to the second-floor kitchen sink (there was, of course, no place to store the necessary bath items on our old townhouse's second level). Besides, the baby didn't get that dirty.

I thought I'd have Nate in adorable little shoes every time we ventured out in public, until I learned what a hassle it is to put (and keep!) baby shoes on baby feet. Besides, it's not like he's walking anywhere. (I do attempt to put on his shoes for Mass, but all summer he's ended up kicking one or both of them off, so we parade him shoeless up through the Communion line.)

And I thought, without a doubt, that I would faithfully record each and every precious milestone in a lovely little baby book. Considering that I don't even own a baby book, it looks like that's not happening.

Still, though, I'd like to remember roughly when Nate met certain milestones, so here's my oh-so-sentimental information dump. I apologize in advance for your eyes glazing over.

Nate has six teeth. He basically cut them two at a time: The bottom middle two appeared on April 5, the day before he turned six months old. The top middle two were a bit nasty cutting through, but showed up just after he turned eight months old, one at a time. The next two out on the top surprised us the week we moved into the new house, around June 24th or 25th. The kid's got quite a bite already.

He ate his very first solid food, rice cereal, on March 28th, shortly before he turned six months old. He'd long been interested in watching us eat before that, but the weekend before had made me feel particularly guilty as he stared at each and every bit of Cosi sandwich and salad we ate. He's been a big fan of the solids ever since. He started off with bananas, sweet potatoes, and pears. He tried squash (not a fan at first), applesauce, and carrots. He became a devoted fan of YoBaby yogurt on the first try, although I quickly began cutting it with plain yogurt to reduce the sugar. He still eats lots of purees (but is not a fan of the pureed meat meals, not that I can blame him), but he loves to feed himself: Cheerios, goldfish, green peas, banana, halved blueberries, yogurt melts, puffs, scrambled egg, tiny bits of turkey burger, bagel, pizza crust, tortillas, avocado, mango, corn . . . you name it, he wants it.

He rolled over front to back on February 1, and back to front on March 18th. He started sitting up confidently on his own right around May 1. That golden era of babyhood--sitting, but not truly mobile--lasted until July 8th, when he tentatively crawled a few paces on hands and knees. Within a couple of days, he was gaining confidence, and now he motors around like it's his job. He's already into everything; if it's messy or dangerous, he wants it. The dog's food and water dishes are particularly appealing, as are all of our electrical outlets, the bathroom trash can, the dustbuster, and any drawers within his reach. He started pulling up on everything right around the same time, and now nothing in the house is safe. We've bought outlet covers, and there is a built-in baby gate at the top of the upper stairs and a door at the top of the basement stairs, but the rest of the baby-proofing feels daunting. How did you do it? What about things that can't be baby-proofed, like the dog bowls?

He generally hates the stroller, loves the Ergo, and does fine in the carseat unless he's in it for too long.

He loves it when I read him books before his naps and before bed. He stares intently at the pictures and sometimes turns the pages, and reading to him is probably my favorite part of the day. He's partial to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and Sandra Boynton's "Doggies" (the latter because I am a particularly skillful barker).

He still puts himself to sleep, but too often wakes up before we'd like him to.

He squirms and fights me on the changing table, straining to flip himself over onto his belly and push up into a seated position.

He's obsessed with Sadie. She loves this when he's feeding her his finger foods. She hates it when he's trying to pull up by grabbing onto her fur.

He's hilarious. He's adorable. And he's growing up way too fast.


Arwen said...

You are a "particularly skillful barker"? How did I not know this? It just makes me love you more!

Nate is growing up too fast, like all babies. I can't wait to see him!

Salome Ellen said...

Um -- congratulations! That's about how much information I have in Arwen's baby book, and MORE than is in anybody else's. Go Lauren. And all in one place, too.