Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So we've been in the new house two weeks as of today, and, y'all, IT IS AWESOME. We love the space, and the yard, and the light. Oh, the light! After five years in a townhouse with windows on only two sides-- and none at all in the basement-- it's a joy to be someplace so bright. Our new neighborhood is chock full of lush trees, so it's green everywhere we look. In short, it's beautiful.

The move wasn't without minor snags, of course. The biggest problem was that it took until last Saturday to get our cable and internet hooked up, and we've had the phone hooked up for less than a week. The previous owners had all three services through Comcast, and they wanted to abandon the Comcast phone service. They couldn't cut off their old service until they ported their number over to the new company, and WE couldn't set up our service until they cut theirs off, and then even once they cut off their service Comcast didn't come out to do our installation on the day they'd promised, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Casa Petroni. Perhaps by me, the one at home all day with no television or internet.

But all is well now, and the one good thing about being without telecom services is that it gives you plenty of time to unpack. Less than two weeks in, I can count on one hand the number of boxes still left to empty. We hung a bunch of pictures yesterday, and we're having three light fixtures hung tomorrow and a new dishwasher installed on Friday. (The current dishwasher is too small to wash my dinner plates. How does that happen? In our old place, we initially had a truly crappy, builder-grade dishwasher, and our plates fit without a problem. The dishwasher here was, at one time, fairly high-end, and yet it's got a totally puny interior.)

My mother keeps asking me whether the new place "feels like home yet," but honestly it's pretty much felt like home since the moment our stuff arrived. I'd been so sad about packing everything up at the old place, but once we started getting everything in boxes in earnest, it felt like a different house. I couldn't wait for moving day. I only went back over a couple of times; David and my awesome in-laws gathered up almost everything we didn't have the movers take and did most of the cleaning while I took care of Nate and unpacked over here. I was a little sad to be back there when I went, but I was so incredibly happy to be here.

I'd been worried about how Nate would react to the move, but he has been amazing. With the exception of one nap on moving day (the one time he was going to have to sleep somewhere other than in his crib), he hasn't missed a beat. I hope he will love growing up here. I get excited thinking about all the memories to be made in this house.

Yep. It definitely feels like home.


Lisa said...

Aaahh...that's a good feeling.

Branwen said...

That's great! Are pictures forthcoming...?

perennial-mommy said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures. Hope all is well!