Friday, June 4, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. Um, did someone mention packing? Perhaps my husband? Or my mom? Or my realtor? We're moving in just 2-1/2 short weeks, and we haven't packed a thing. I am, of course, in total denial about this. I'm dreading not only the packing itself, which stinks but is totally do-able, but also the being-surrounded-by-boxes-all-day portion of the program, because I like my house neat. And I'm home all day. And did I mention there will be many, many boxes? Ugh.

2. Both closings last week went fairly smoothly (except for the part where our buyer's chosen title company almost DIDN'T GET US OUR MONEY IN TIME FOR OUR PURCHASE CLOSING), but we learned something interesting and kind of weird at the purchase closing. The family that sold us our new house has bought another house in town, and they're undertaking a massive renovation on their new house. In the meantime, they're renting a house. We found out at closing that it's the house RIGHT NEXT DOOR to their old house/our new house. They are extremely nice and all, but I the only one who thinks this is a little awkward? I'm worried that we, like, won't keep the yard up properly and they'll be disappointed in us or something.

3. We're cooking so much more since Miriel moved in, and you know what? I think we might actually be spending less on food for the three of us than we'd been spending on just David and me, because we'd been getting so much takeout for just the two of us. I haven't run the numbers, but it seems like the grocery bills aren't all that much bigger, and I know our restaurant costs are WAY down.

4. Speaking of spending less on food, I'm sort of keen to get myself better organized once we're in the new house and start meal planning based on sales, using coupons, and so forth. We're very fortunate that grocery budgeting isn't a big issue for us, so I've always just planned what I wanted for dinners all week and then bought the ingredients, regardless of price. But if I CAN save money why not? Any tips on where to find useful coupons, how to plan around sales, etc.?

5. I saw a vanity plate last week that said "H8 LWRZ." I thought it was funny (why do lawyers themselves always enjoy the anti-lawyer jokes?), but I have to wonder what happened to that guy to make hating lawyers the message he wanted to place semi-permanently on his car.

6. I was at Target earlier this week, with Nate strapped into the Ergo, and they have, like, all these adorable dresses that I want to try on! Of course, I couldn't do any trying-on with the little guy, and I don't like buying a bunch of stuff with plans to return much of it, but this weekend I will be all over it. I want to try this one, and this one, and maybe this one. Whee!

7. Can anyone give me ideas for fun things to do with a baby in the summertime? I took Nate to a park and playground today, but it was just so hot. He gets sick of walking around in his stroller pretty quickly, and it's too hot lately to walk with him in the Ergo for very long. He likes the baby swings, but they don't take up much time. I think I'm going to get him a baby pool when we get into the new house, but what else do you do with an 8-11 month old in the 90-degree heat?

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PrinceOfTheWest said...

Ellen is the maestra of planning menus and wrapping shopping trips around them. She'd be a good one to tap for advice!

Sarah in Ottawa said...

The coupons available in the US put Canadian ones to shame, so I cannot help there. I am, however, a huge fan of stocking up on things I can freeze when there are sales, and having a well-stocked pantry. I rotate my recipes/meal plans according to what is on sale or what I have stocked up on. We are like you in that we don't have to worry about cost, but I learned from my immigrant Mom and it GALLS me to overspend on groceries!

As for stuff to do with a little one in the heat - kiddy pool or gentle water spout thing you can attach to the hose. Blow bubbles in the shade. Any splashpads at parks near your house?

Speaking of sharing - you mentioned that your brother-in-law has awesome strategies for bugeting. Would you be willing to share? My new challenge is to further refine how we budget and I would love any tips!

Also - good luck with the dreaded move. I will be praying for you!!

Lauren said...


I will try to talk David into doing a budgeting post. He uses his brother's system and just outlined a budget for Miriel for her new job!

I will warn you: We have seven bank accounts. SEVEN.

Miriel said...

My mom and sisters are totally the people to ask about this, but from observation I would say that (1) buying meat when it's on sale and freezing it and (2) buying things like onions and potatoes in bulk, and planning so that you use them before they go bad are some of the biggest savers.

Also...we probably should start packing. But take heart! I am here to help!!

hopeforcambodia said...

I have moved so many times that I am the queen of packing. I could probably do it all in three days - pre-baby, that is. We really want/need to move out of our little place (babies have so much junk!) but the thought of moving makes me shudder!

No coupons here in Australia, but the shops have specials each week. I don't skimp on groceries - we love good food - but I do tend to buy stuff on special. It is a good way of saving.

All the best with your packing.


Branwen said...

You can try letting Nate paint with water outside. I don't know if either your deck or driveway work for that but my boys love to take a cheap foam paintbrush, dip it in a little cup of water and splatter it over the sidewalk. Nate could probably do it just sitting there with you nearby. Also, bubbles. I've never met a baby that didn't like watching bubbles.
Good luck with the packing!