Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Changes Abound

Where to even begin? This time next Monday, David and I will no longer own our house. This time next Thursday, we will own a new house, a house we saw last year and loved and never thought we could own. We're flabbergasted.

And more than a little overwhelmed.

We're doing lease-backs on both houses into June, because our financing required us to close by June 1 but our sellers have kids in school through mid-June and can't move before then and blah-blah-blah boring property-transaction-detail-speak.

You can see photos of the new house here. Needless to say, we are thrilled that we are going to have a yard and no longer share walls with our neighbors. (Even though our current neighbors are terrific, and we'll miss them.) I was just making David's birthday trifle (Happy Birthday, hon!) and thinking ahead to how much more counter space we'll have in the new place. I was walking down to the basement today doing laundry and nearly giddy to think that the laundry will be upstairs with the bedrooms in the new place.

Oh, but the packing. I am decidedly NOT looking forward to the packing. Nor the unpacking. And you know how the house is filled with lovely, appropriate furniture in the linked photos? Yeah, when we move in it . . . won't be. At least, not for a while. But I think it's safe to say that we're both excited about undertaking decorating projects over time, and because we plan to stay in this house, um, forever, we want to take the time to do it right.

We're a little sad to leave the house we brought Nate home to, the house we became a family in. I look around at all the little things we've updated and feel a little blue about moving on. But we keep telling ourselves that we were never planning to stay in this townhouse for good, and that the sooner we are in the new house, the sooner we'll start making our memories there. The new house will be where Nate learns to crawl, where he takes his first steps, where we celebrate his first birthday and host playdates and celebrate decades of holidays. It'll be a hassle to get from here to there, yes, but it will be worth it.


perennial-mommy said...

We are so very excited for you! The house is beautiful. We will look forward to visiting and testing out the guest room. :) So glad Nate is sleeping better.

Sarah in Ottawa said...

Ooo - I am so excited for you, despite the annoying, packing related-tasks you now face. We, too, are in our "forever" house, and though there is still updating to do we don't feel rushed. We'd rather take our time and save up, determining exactly what we'd like to do. We have time, after all.

And your new place is just so lovely!

Lisa said...

What a pretty house! I LOVE the backyard and the landscaping. What a great place to raise a kid...he'll have so much room to move around and be a boy! Congrats!