Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're officially insane, apparently

Gah gah gah gah gah.

So, we are looking at a house on Saturday. It's a house that was on the market for months last year, went off the market for the winter, and will be back on the market soon. We went to one of the open houses while I was pregnant with Nate, and I absolutely fell in love with this place. It very close to our current townhouse, within easy walking distance to our parish. It looks small from the street (which is a plus in our book), but has a generous addition on the back with a big master bedroom, closet, and bath, and a big great room that contains the kitchen, family room, and breakfast area. It has a huge, fenced backyard with a nice wooden play gym. It has a finished walkout basement with tons of storage. It's in a neighborhood with tons of kids and a hugely popular playground.

Frankly, I have no idea why this place didn't sell last year. It was out of the question for us before we knew whether or not David would make partner. Now that he has, it's . . . a possibility. It would be a stretch, for sure. We have been planning on staying in our townhouse for at least a couple more years, so that we could save up a bigger down payment. But I can't get this house out of my head.

Are we being completely insane? David has run the numbers, and we could manage to buy this house. Townhouses in our development have been selling at pretty good prices lately, so we would probably make a decent profit selling our current place. But the new house would make things pretty tight for a while. Is it worth it to stretch for a year or two to get a house we both feel drawn to? Or is it completely irresponsible of us even to consider it?

And oh, the thought of moving. The thought of cleaning and packing and unpacking and organizing and banging my head against a wall over and over and over. I'm not even going to let myself dwell on that unless and until it is actually an issue.

But seriously, are we crazy for even considering this? Or will we regret it if we let a house we love slip through our fingers? Maybe it's providential that it didn't sell last year?

Again, GAH.


Miriel said...

Well. I am basically a nomad, so I have no insight whatsoever on the actual decisionmaking process, but I believe I can offer one consoling thought: *If* you decide to buy this house, and *if* you move this summer, and *if* I find a way to stay in the area, at least you will have an extra pair of hands willing and happy to help you pack, clean, move, and hold your cute cute baby!!!

Arwen said...

What was it David said to Miriel the other day on Twitter? "You're unlikely to regret buying, but may regret not buying."

Yes, he was talking about pants, which are much less of a risk to buy, but they're also much easier to approximate if you pass up the "perfect" pair. If this is THE house, and you don't buy it because you're afraid of a couple lean years, then you might always wish you'd bought it. Which, of course, you know. But my point is: you're not crazy! I'm totally following your thought process!

And of course, maybe it's not THE house, in which case the whole discussion is moot. But I'm rooting for you either way!

(P.S. Are there any pics of it online? If so, please email!)

Lauren said...

No photos online right now, unfortunately, because the house isn't currently on the market. But did I show you the photos of this house when you were down for Nate's baptism?

Salome Ellen said...

I still have boxes (all our books!) to unpack by Easter! (Remember, we moved before Christmas.) But if it's the right place for you to live for a long and happy time, the discomforts of moving and scrimping are worth it.

Sarah in Ottawa said...

A non-member of the Thomas family chiming in to say "you aren't crazy!" I am sure you are trying to discern if this is the right place for you, and I have no doubt that you will figure it out in time. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have faced a big decision like this, I have tried to turn things over to Him (often with reluctance, I must admit, since I LOVE control) and EVERY TIME it has worked out better than I had hoped.

I am pulling for you guys - keep us posted!

Brooke said...

I'd like to see this house! Remember how you felt when Ada left, right before you became a SAHM?...that's how I feel. I know it's close, but it won't be the same. Don't leave me. :) (For real though, where is the house? I'd love to drive past it some time.)

maggie said...

Um, this is what I go through AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Except all my Perfect Houses end up selling. WOE. Obviously my recommendation is: BUY BUY BUY!!!

Lisa said...

If you can handle living on beans and rice (figuratively) for a couple of years, then I'd say go for it! I've found that I can sacrifice vacation and splurging for a couple of years if it means relaxing in a place that feels like home.

Ada Bowler said...

Lauren, this sounds so exciting! And I heard your house is now up on the market! Where is the new house? I hope it all works out! We miss you so much. We'll be in MD visiting my in-laws for a few weeks in July. Will you be around? I hope we get to see you!