Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nate gets ashed

We survived our first solo Mass! My friend Kate was there with her adorable little guy, so I wasn't totally alone with Nate. The babies were pretty good; we had to take them out some, but no screaming or real crying. Huzzah!


Arwen said...

Nate is the cutest little be-ashed guy. Awwww. Glad Mass went well!

My skin is so sensitive that my forehead is itching like crazy by the end of Ash Wednesday Mass. I go right home and wash the ashes off. It makes me feel slightly guilty, but what can you do?

Miriel said...

Man! For such a happy little guy, that kid sure knows how to take a straight-faced photo! And also: you should put Getting Ashed into Total Baby. You know, for posterity. You can update it again next year.

Lisa said...

Gotta love those cute baby ashes. Just wait until you have to sit through Mass with an active toddler. That gets really interesting.