Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wow, I'm dumb

All this time I have been sitting at night and for nap after nap
holding Nate and my iPhone, lamenting the fact that I couldn't update
the blog easily from the phone. But OF COURSE I CAN. There's a way to
do it easily! So now I know that I can update straight from my email
account on the phone. I don't know yet how the formatting will work,
but I figure even lame formatting isn't as lame as a complete dearth
of posts.

So, the holidays with a baby are, shall we say, DIFFERENT. I look
forward to the day when Nate eagerly anticipates Christmas morning or
Thanksgiving dinner or opening the tiny doors of an Advent calendar.
This year, though, I was just happy when he wasn't fussing. And yet
I'm just so dang grateful for the kid! My favorite moments were
atypical-- my first nightwaking with him on Christmas morning, closing
my eyes and trying to imaging Mary holding a tiny newborn Christ
child, walking back to my pew after Holy Communion at Christmas Eve
mass with tears in my eyes as Silent Night played, or just enjoying
the glow of the Christmas tree as I nurse Nate. The meals, the gifts,
were honestly kind of stressful, as I bounced Nate and tried to eat or
admire gifts or worried that Nate's eventual crying was annoying
everyone else.

Ah, well. There's nothing to be done about it with an almost-three
month old. Next year I'm sure there will be a new challenge, like
trying to keep him from breaking/eating/throwing the ornaments.

I'll take chaotic holidays with this little man over picture perfect
ones without him. No question.


perennial-mommy said...

Formatting aside, I love the post. You always say it so well. I wish you a wonderful night's sleep, dear friend. Happy New Year!

perennial-mommy said...

Oh, and you are the farthest one from dumb!!! I must be really lame...I think there was actually 10 months between my last posts on my blog. :)

Lisa said...

Amen! It's different, but definitely better.