Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Phoning it in

Of all the things that have surprised me so far about parenthood, perhaps the strangest is the extent to which I have become utterly and completely dependent on my iPhone.

I've had the phone for about 15 months, and I've always loved it.  I began to love it even more when I stopped working and rid myself of the Blackberry, slimming my purse down to one device for phone, e-mail, internet, and music.  I've watched movies on plane trips on the phone, used it countless times for directions, and it even served as our sole internet access last spring during our trip to Harbor Springs with the Moshers.  (We all passed it around to get a tiny information fix!)

Since Nate has been born, though, it's felt like my lifeline.  First of all, we downloaded an application when he was born that keeps track of all his vital information-- diaper changes (too many to count), feedings (frequent), sleep (not nearly enough), baths (not as many as I would have anticipated), tummy time (when I remember to do it), and so forth.  This means that I have the phone with me pretty much at all times, so that I can always start his feeding timer or record a diaper change.  

Second, there's the Kindle app.  David gave me a Kindle for my birthday, which is terrific.  (I'd determined that it would be far easier to read on the Kindle-- with only one hand-- while holding a baby, instead of trying to awkwardly hold a book and turn pages with Nate in the other arm.)  The iPhone syncs up with the Kindle so that you can read any of your Kindle books on the phone.  Because I already have the phone with me at all times, I've just been reading on the phone instead of on the Kindle.  

The Kindle books, along with Twitter and Google reader (on the phone's internet browser), have been my sanity during those nighttime feedings.  I'm even on the verge of renting a couple of movies through iTunes to watch at 2:00 in the morning when my eyes are too bleary to read.  I could, I suppose, come downstairs and turn on the laptop or television, but that makes it feel even more like I'm "up" than sitting in the nursery does.  So far it's much nicer to sit in the fluffy nursery glider/recliner and thumb the phone while Nate nurses.

Who knew this little gizmo would be my saving grace in these early weeks?  And what on earth did new moms do before they had technology to keep them company when the rest of the world is asleep???

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Lisa said...

Oh, I NEVER turned on the TV during nighttime feedings, because to do so would signal to the baby that it was time to be "up" because of the TV light. I SO need to get me one of these phones before baby #2.