Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday


1.  Since I've been pregnant, I've been surprised at the number of strangers who are willing to ask about the pregnancy.  I tend to follow the "say absolutely nothing until a woman actually tells you she's pregnant" rule, on the off chance that I'll offend someone who isn't expecting.  A woman did this to me at a friend's rehearsal dinner last year, and I'm still recovering.  (I tell myself it was the dress, and that it had nothing to do with anything resembling a baby belly.)  Now, I find the comments reassuring, because I can be confident that I look truly, unmistakably pregnant, and not just pudgy.  

2.  I'm currently reading Coop:  A Year of Poultry, Pigs and Parenting, and I highly recommend it.  I saw it randomly at a small bookstore when David and I were in Michigan, and I checked it out from our local library.  I've found myself constantly shaking my head in awe of the author's lovely turn of phrase.  Poor David has had to listen to me read so many passages aloud that I wonder whether he'll find it worthwhile to pick it up and read it on his own (though I've been insisting to him over and over that he must read this book.)  

Read it.  It's lovely.

3.  I've been forced to take note lately that there are certain things I'd like to do in the near future that I'll be unable to do, because they won't happen until the baby arrives.  For example, I heard a commercial advertising that Jersey Boys is coming to the National Theatre.  Ooh!, I thought, I'd love to see that!  But it doesn't start its run until October 1st, so, um, it's not going to happen.  It's weird.  I'm obviously overjoyed that I won't be able to see a show because I'll have a baby, but it's certainly a new sensation.  On the flipside, I was happy to realize that two movies I want to see, Julie and Julia and The Time Traveler's Wife, are both coming out in August, when I can still venture out to the movie theater.  

4.  We're currently at a hotel with a cushy king-sized bed and abundant pillows, and I think it's fair to say that king-sized is the way to go, bed-wise, when you're seven months pregnant and need to sleep in a cocoon of pillows.  At home, poor David has been relegated to the very edge of our queen bed, and I now wake him up regularly as I have to reposition myself over the course of the night.  Too bad we can't take the bed home with us.

5.  When we were in Michigan in May with Arwen and Bryan, we discovered the joy that is the Take 5 candy bar.  Ever since then, we've been on the lookout for Take 5 minis, and I can't find them anywhere.  Sweets have been my one pregnancy craving, and I'd love to be able to track these down.  Has anyone seen them anywhere?

6.  Good news on the placenta front.  I don't think I'd blogged about this, but my friends and family who read this (a/k/a virtually all of the readers of this blog) knew that my 19-week ultrasound showed a complete placenta previa.  My 30-week follow-up ultrasound showed that the placenta had moved away from the danger zone, and my doctor is no longer worried.  Huzzah!  Thank you, friends and family, for your prayers!

7.  Last night before dinner, David and I went to the lobby bar at our resort to have a drink.  (Oh, how I miss the sweet tea mojitos I enjoyed last year!  But I'll happily sip ginger ale or a non-alcoholic frozen drink for the dear babe.)  We were shocked-- shocked!-- that the waitress actually remembered us from nearly a year ago!  She is such an adorable girl, and we did chat with her a fair amount during last year's vacation, but still!  We were impressed.  Oh, how I love this place.  

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Laura said...

Cute 7 quick takes. I'm posting you as my favorite!

This Heavenly Life said...

I can't wait to see The Time Traveler's Wife! If you haven't read the book, you MUST! It's wonderful!

Holly said...

Just so you know, infancy is a great time for seeing movies. We saw more movies shortly after our girls were born than during pregnancy. The baby would just nurse and sleep and I was much more comfortable sitting still after the pregnancy was over.

Glad things are going so well!