Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twenty-Six Weeks

Okay, first of all, I'm freaking the heck out that my third trimester officially starts in a week.  How can that be??  It feels like we still have a bazillion things to do, like, oh, find a pediatrician and take our birthing class and move the office downstairs and set up the entire nursery and fill out hospital pre-admission forms and find a baptism date and take a baptism class and obtain the eleventy million baby items we need before the little guy's arrival.  For some reason, thinking about everything we need to do just makes me want to lie down and take a nap.  And yet it all needs to get done before I'm bigger than a house and have to plan each trip up and down the stairs for maximum efficiency.  

We're doing fairly well with our planning in some respects.  We ordered our nursery furniture over six weeks ago, because all the stores warned us that it would take ten to fourteen weeks to arrive, so that's checked off.  (For those who are into these sorts of things, you can see our furniture here; we got the "lifetime crib" (ha!), six-drawer double dresser, hutch, and nightstand in white).   We also got a navy blue, upholstered glider/recliner, on the advice of multiple mommy friends who insisted that a recliner is the only way to go.  We already have our nursery bedding, stashed away in the guest room closet.  

We finally accomplished the first step toward turning what has been basically a storage room on our first floor into a functional office/den:  We got the TV service hooked up.  The poor DIRECTV guy spent a couple of hours at our place yesterday climbing up and down from the roof, running a new cable line through the space between the first and second floors, and snaking the new line under the carpeting from one side of the room to the other.  We're pretty excited about the new space, actually; we're literally gaining a whole new room downstairs, and the baby and I can hang out with David in the office when he needs to work/pay bills/etc.  

I'm headed down to Georgia to visit the fam for nine days starting this Saturday, and it's entirely possible that both the nursery and the new office/den will be painted when I get home.  David's parents are coming down to stay next week, and his dad is apparently an expert painter.  Heck, it's even possible that I'll come home to find (1) the rooms painted; (2) the new IKEA entertainment center for the office/den purchased and assembled; (3) a new television in said entertainment center; and (4) all of the office furniture and other office trappings moved downstairs.  We'd been holding off on doing any of this until the DIRECTV was hooked up down there, because we feared they'd need to cut through the ceiling or walls to install the new line, and we didn't want to paint or move furniture before that happened.  Now that the TV is hooked up-- and with no holes in the walls or ceiling, to boot--ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  And seriously, I cannot overstate the helpfulness of my in-laws.  It's amazing to watch them work.  Once when they were staying here, I awoke to a newly-organized linen closet.  Barb couldn't sleep, so she went to town on it.  I LOVE THIS WOMAN.  As long as no one is going through my bathroom cabinets or underwear drawer, I'll take all the help I can get.

Also in the category of completed tasks, I finally finished my baby registry.  I always thought registering for baby stuff would be so much fun, because registering for our wedding?  Was fun.  But registering for baby stuff was basically a nightmare.  First of all, you're extremely limited in where you can register.  The preferred store for most moms-to-be, I guess, is Babies R Us.  Well, I've been to Babies R Us to buy shower gifts for friends on multiple occasions, and I HATE that place.  I could never find the items from my friends' registries, nor could I find an actual employee-- let alone a HELPFUL employee-- to assist me.  So we went with a smaller chain, which is always stocked to the gills and filled with cheerful, helpful sales clerks, but which lacks locations in David's or my home states.  This, then, necessitated a second registry at Target, whose website is impossible to navigate and made me want to bang my head into the wall.  

Second of all, in registering for wedding items, you're not really worried about little things like SAFETY.  Then, there's the fact that I'd actually used dishes and silverware and pots and pans before I registered for them, but what the heck do I know about bottles and infant carriers and baby bathtubs?  Nothing, is what.  I'm flying sort of blind here, guided only by the wise words of my eighth edition Baby Bargains and the very-welcome advice of my mom friends.  

Plus?  There's the tricky notion that every baby is different, and so we really have no idea what's going to work for our little guy until he gets here.  Will he like the sling I chose?  Will he love or hate a baby swing?  How about a bouncy seat?  I have a gnawing fear of accumulating and then casting aside baby item after baby item as we figure out which contraptions make our lives easier, and which are no help at all.  

But, after much fretting and frustration, I'm done.  I think.  Or at least until my mom friends point out which essential items I'm missing.  

I hope this doesn't sound like a litany of complaints.  Truth is, I'm happy and thrilled and having a great time with the pregnancy, but just getting a tad overwhelmed as I realize that each passing day is one day closer to having-to-care-for-an-infant-twenty-four-hours-a-day-every-day-oh-my-sweet-goodness-can-I-please-have-a-drink.  But we'll get it all done.  

In closing, a grainy photo of the happy-but-freaked-out mom-to-be.

Note the fear in her eyes.

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Branwen said...

Adorable...you are totally adorable. And, I am jealous of your maternity clothing! We pray for "all of the expecting women" that we know every night so you're included in that. Just make sure you get as much sleep as you can now and don't sweat the small stuff :)