Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They're just better.

So, we're probably about 99% sure at this point that we're going to use cloth diapers for the baby.  I've been reading about several bloggers who have switched over from disposables this year, and I was pretty convinced that I'd want to give them a try.  I was less convinced, though, that David would be comfortable with the idea.  I was curious to see what he would think of the cloth diapers that Arwen and Bryan use on Camilla and Blaise, given that he'd get to see them in a fairly up-close-and-personal manner over the course of a week during our vacation.  

(No, David did not change his first diaper while we were away last week.  Then again, I didn't change any diapers on vacation, either.  But I've changed plenty of diapers in my day, including quite a few when I worked in a day care center the summer before I left for college.)

I thought David might end the week feeling perfectly agreeable about the cloth, but not particularly enthused.  Instead, the comment I heard at least half a dozen times over the course of the week was:

They just seem BETTER.

If there's one thing my dear husband recognizes, it's good quality.  He's forever having to talk me into buying the more expensive but totally worth it shoes that I resist, like the Cole Haan Mary Janes with the Nike Air Soles that I practically live in.  He'd rather buy something nice that will last, rather than spending money over and over again on cheap crap that falls apart after a few uses.  

So I shouldn't have been surprised that he was quite taken with the bumGenius 3.0s that swaddled our friends' tots' tushes.  They're soft.  They're plush.  And, frankly, they're adorable.  I'll be honest:  I've always kind of hated seeing kids running around in only a diaper, and now I realize that it's probably because papery white disposables with silly cartoons printed on them are just ugly.  A kid wearing nothing but a plush, brightly-colored, high-tech cloth diaper, though?  Cute as a button.  

Arwen and Bryan put the kids in disposables a couple of times during our trip, during a long-ish drive to another town for lunch, and during the car trips to and from Harbor Springs (carrying multiple dirty cloth diapers with you is admittedly a drawback of the cloth, but easily remedied by keeping a few disposables on hand for extended outings).  Each time David saw one of the disposables, he'd wrinkle up his nose and shake his head, muttering, "The cloth ones are just better."

Arwen and Bryan rave about the diapers-- the ease of use, the newfound absence of up-the-back blowouts, and the darned cuteness of their kids' little plush heinies.  

Even the kids preferred them.  (Well, the kid who can talk expressed a preference.  We're just presuming Blaise agrees.)  Ask Camilla whether she wants a cloth diaper or a disposable, and she'll ask for the cloth every time.  We weren't surprised:  Who wants to walk around with her butt covered in paper?

I'm still going to buy some disposables for the first few weeks at home:  I figure they may be all I can handle right off the bat, and I don't want to invest in teeny newborn cloth diapers for such a short amount of time.  The diapers are actually pretty pricey, and the savings only accumulate as you use them for an extended period of time.  I'm excited, though, that David is totally on board with this decision, to the point of actual enthusiasm.  

In other news, we're receiving the first delivery from our CSA this week:  Strawberries, kale, spring onions, and asparagus.  We're totally jazzed.  Between the cloth diapers and the CSA, you may think we're turning into tree-hugging hippies or something.  The conservationist in me is happy about both developments, yes.  But I can already envision David biting into a fresh-from-the-farm strawberry, closing his eyes, mentally comparing it to the ones the grocery store ships in from California, and proclaiming that the local berry is just better.  

And he'll be right.

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Arwen said...

You forgot to mention the time David showed the best eye for quality! You know, in choosing his wife. ;)

I hope if you use cloth diapers that you won't come to regret it. I'd feel really guilty then! But I know if you do, you won't. They really are just BETTER.