Sunday, June 28, 2009


I got home this morning to find that Dad had basically finished the painting:

There's still some minor touching up to do, but it shouldn't be anything too major.

After catching a little sleep and some breakfast, we headed out to Ikea to buy the furniture Lauren and I had picked for the den.  We had little trouble finding what we needed, except that some of the items were very tall.  We ended up having to put half of the back set and the front passenger seat down so we can fit the boxes inside the cabin.  That left Dad, who was already tired from all the painting, sitting on the floor of the cargo space of our compact minivan for the drive home:

Once we got back home we set about building the Ikea furniture and otherwise starting to get the den into shape.  I'd say that things are starting to come together.

Not only do we have the new entertainment center and a bookcase built, but we've also anchored them both to the walls so they can't topple over on the little guy who will be joining us here soon.  (I have never previously used those Ikea wall-anchoring devices, butbecoming a father must already be having an effect.)  As you can see, we also have our desk reassembled, and the computer is set up again.  I'm still trying to work out the placement of the cable modem, router, etc. so we have as little visual clutter as possible.  For now, though, I'm just pleased not to be blogging from the floor.

Still lots to do tomorrow before Lauren gets home:  (1) finish touching up the nursery and powder room; (2) purchase a (hopefully) 40-inch TV for the den ("hopefully" because the opening in the new entertainment center appears to be just barely tall enough to fit most 40-inch LCD TV's); (3) move and reorganize all the stuff that we pulled out of the closet in the old office; and (4) generally tidy up the stuff that's basically piled all over the house.  Wish us luck!

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