Monday, June 22, 2009

Home Improvements (with Barb and Joe)

We have a nice office at our house:
Except that the office really needs to be the nursery.  So, the office needs to move downstairs, to here:

Doesn't looks so bad, I guess.  Of course, until last weekend, this room was basically storage.  (I'd show you the mess in the garage from all the stuff we moved from this room into there, but I think Lauren would kill me.)  The sectional in the "den" (as we've dubbed it) is new, and Lauren and I are looking forward to lounging there in front of a TV.  And we'll move the office furniture down there, and add an HDTV (now that we have DirecTV hooked up in this room).  But I'm not sold on the color of the walls--it was a quick decision we made a few years ago following the flood in our house, when the insurance was paying to paint this when it was damaged.  We would have probably lived with this color, except that we're going to have to repaint the nursery anyway, so.... 

Enter my mom and dad.  They're down for the week while Lauren's away, so Dad (with a little help from me) is going to paint the rooms for us.  I'm all ready to go--even got us a new ladder for the job:

Mom and Dad got here today.  They brought with them a bunch of painting supplies from a family friend (thanks, Eric and Heather!), so we don't have to get more equipment other than that ladder.  They went out and picked up the paint we're going to use this afternoon.  So after dinner, we could get started prepping the room:

Dad used the painters tape to edge around the door frames, etc.  I tackled the ceilings.  This is my finished outline of the main ceiling area:

Looks sorta okay, I guess.  No actual painting yet, but we're all ready for Dad to get started on it in the morning.  

More pictures tomorrow.

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Arwen said...

Woo hoo! I love home improvement pictures, especially of houses I've actually been in.

Barb and Joe are awesome.