Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 2

Short post, because I'm exhausted.  And also because I'm literally blogging from the floor.

Painting in the den is complete.  We also started moving the office furniture, books, etc. from the new nursery to the den.  Things are very much in flux, but there is some progress.  Here's a current look at the den:

Minor set back:  the space where I thought our second file cabinet might fit is about an inch-and-a-half too narrow, so we're going to have to do without that file cabinet.
Sadie, of course, is already settling in to the new space.

Here's the current status of the nursery, which still needs some prep work yet before Dad can start painting.

Yes, that's our desktop sitting on the floor, still connected to the internet.  That's how I'm posting this.  Tomorrow, I'm disconnecting and probably won't reconnect until I can get everything hooked up downstairs in the den.

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Lauren said...

Everything is looking great! Bummer about the file cabinet, though. But didn't one already hold files that we didn't access regularly-- old school stuff or something? Perhaps we can just put those files in a plastic file storage box and keep them by the new desk area in that closet.

Thanks again to you and your parents for doing all this work. You're the best!