Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 1 - Improvements in Process

I came home from work tonight to find the first coat of paint up in the den:

So, that's good progress, I think.  The challenging part of painting the den is the small alcove where our stacked washer and dryer reside.  After the flood, the painters apparently had the W/D entirely removed from the alcove, and they painted the entire alcove green.  Thus, we couldn't just leave the alcove unpainted; we had to move the W/D and repaint the green to blue.

After dinner, Dad and I went downstairs to move the W/D.  We expected we'd just move it out of the way, paint the alcove, and then move it back.  Seemed straightforward enough, so we didn't think we needed any kind of contingency plan.

We were wrong.

With some struggle, we managed to get the W/D out of the alcove, but only partway.  We quickly discovered that the space we were trying to move it into was too narrow to maneuver it easily, plus we couldn't readily reach all the water and electrical connections behind it to disconnect it completely and move it all the way out of the alcove.  Oh, and dad was basically caught between the W/D and the (closed) door to the den.

Eventually, we began to formulate our contingency plan:  Dad would slide between the washer and the dryer to join Mom and me in the main part of the room, then we'd angle the W/D unit away from the alcove to create just enough of an opening for him to slide inside the alcove, disconnect everything, and then help me move it out of the way.

Problem Number 1:  We had no tools in the den with us.  Having not perceived the need for a possible contingency plan, we had not planned ahead and brought a toolbox in with us.  And at this point, we had the entire washer/dryer barricading the door to the den, so we couldn't get out to get any tools.  And moving the W/D again didn't seem like an option, given the difficulty we'd had moving it at all.  With no tools, we couldn't disconnect the water lines, so there was no way to get the entire thing disconnected from the wall.

This brought us to the backup contingency plan, which called for Dad to climb into the alcove and just paint the damned thing while standing inside.  Not the easiest thing in the world, but we figured he could do it, and then we'd move the W/D back and touch it up.

Obviously, this was not a part of the painting process I wanted to miss having photographic evidence of for the blog.  But that brings us to Problem Number 2:  Having not planned ahead, I hadn't brought the camera into the den before we barricaded ourselves inside.  Thankfully, Mom had her cell phone, so I can now present to you my father wedged into an alcove behind a washer and dryer, trying to paint three walls:

Problem Number 3:  We were running out of paint.  We had failed to consider the need to bring more of the paint for the den in from the garage, because, well, we hadn't really planned on being barricaded inside the den.

Despite the challenges, Dad did manage to get the entire alcove painted--or at least, everything except the back wall that no one can see because the washer and dryer are in the way.  With that accomplished, he climbed out of the alcove, slide back to the far side of the washer/dryer, and then (surprisingly easily) slid the whole thing back into place.  We still need to touch up some of the corners, but I think we're now mostly good with this part of the room.

Up tomorrow:  a second coat for the entire den, and possibly painting the half bath.


Lauren said...

I am so very, very impressed at the amount of work y'all are getting done-- and exceedingly grateful. I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

(Barb and Joe, you're going to need some sort of super-special thank-you present. Seriously.)

Natalie said...

Hey David - What is it with you and Lauren getting stuck in rooms? :-)