Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogging from the floor again

Although I'm blogging from the floor again--
--this is actually a triumph.  The computer is successfully connected to the internet using the connection in the den.  Hooray.  Given our history of trouble with Comcast, I was worried about getting this to work, but apparently there was little cause for concern.  I was even able to tidy up the wires coming into the house, so the junction box looks neater than it ever has.

When I came in from work, this was the scene:

Dad had successfully demolished the poorly built shelf in the nursery closet, and he was getting ready to paint the interior of the closet.  I went downstairs to prep the powder room in the den, so that he won't have to do that tomorrow:

Note the light fixture hanging at an angle.  It is successfully disengaged from the wall, so it can be readily replaced once Lauren and I settle on a new one.  And I even managed to do it while only breaking one light bulb.

Meanwhile, Dad finished the closet--

--and was hard at work on the rest of the nursery:

The only real problem we've encountered today is that we're out of paint for the nursery.  Mom will have to go back to the paint store (for the fourth time in four days) to get more of the blue paint we need, while Dad can get started on the powder room.

Next on my wish list is to get the desk reassembled so that I can post tomorrow in a proper chair.

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Lauren said...

I can't wait to see everything when I get home tomorrow!!