Monday, April 6, 2009

Practically Perfect Weekend

Weekends can be tough.  They're only two days long (plus Friday evening, if you're lucky), and we all seem to have such high expectations for them.  There's a lot to do, a lot to cram in.  Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, or work schedules don't cooperate, or there are too many errands to run, or you're feeling under the weather, and all of a sudden it's Sunday evening and you realize the entire weekend has passed you by.

This weekend, thankfully, was not a pass-you-by kind of weekend.  It was a perfect, sunny, let's-do-the-things-we-want-to-do kind of weekend.

I should preface by pointing out that David has been working like a dog for the last couple of weeks.  The week his mom was in town, he billed something like 75 hours.  Lawyers in private practice will tell you that you're generally doing well if you can manage to bill 80% of the time that you're actually at work, so you can imagine what his schedule actually looked like.  His mom had arrived in town on Monday evening, and he didn't see her at all until Friday at dinner.  And even though he did get to work from home that weekend, he was still working for much of the time.

This weekend, though, he didn't have to work at all.  It was wonderful.  We didn't do anything fancy or truly out-of-the-ordinary; it's just that everything seemed to work out.

Friday evening was very low-key.  We ate homemade vegetable soup and caught up on recorded TV, but it was great to just relax.

Saturday morning was bright and gorgeous, and it stayed that way all day.  We got dressed, went to Panera Bread for some breakfast, and headed over to the local garden center to buy plants to fill out the flower beds for spring and summer.  We ran into some friends we hadn't seen in too long (and their adorable daughter!), and we got to tell them about the pregnancy.  We just enjoyed browsing around through the plants, picking and choosing things we liked.  Our only frustration is that too many things we like don't do well in the shade, and both our front yard and much of our back garden are shaded for most of the day.  In the end, we loaded up on trusty impatiens in pink, white, orange, and fuchsia; Scotch moss and another "Steppable" plant that we're hoping Sadie won't trample; some dead nettle; geraniums for the planter out front; and a bunch of herbs and a new planter for an herb garden out back, safe from Sadie's feet.

We spent the afternoon planting, mulching, and cleaning up after ourselves, stopping only to run out to Five Guys for their amazing burgers and fries.  By evening, the front and back were looking pretty and tidy, and I've been enjoying looking out into the back garden at all the bright new color.

Saturday night was quiet; we were exhausted from the gardening, so we ate homemade chicken tortilla soup and watched the hockey game.  Sadly, the Pens lost.  (I said the weekend was practically perfect, right?)  

Sunday we went to the early Mass for Palm/Passion Sunday.  David had to count the offering, but he was counting with two of his favorite co-counters.  I didn't have to worry about teaching CCD, because all of the kids were spending the hour doing the Stations of the Cross.  Father Donahue led the Stations for the older kids; we teachers just had to join in.  After CCD, I still had a couple of hours until David would be home, so I headed out to the patio with a book and a snack to enjoy the sunny, 70-degree weather.

After David got home, we went out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant with a big patio, where we snagged an outside table and ate copious amounts of queso.  We had tickets for a performance by the Washington Chorus at the Kennedy Center for 3:00, so we drove into the city-- and hit the only low point in the weekend.  We'd forgotten that the National Cherry Blossom Festival is going on right now, and, as you can imagine, cherry blossoms + gorgeous weather + hordes of tourists driving into the city.  Every bridge was backed up, and we worried that we wouldn't make the performance in time.  Thankfully, many of the other patrons had run into the same problem, and they actually started the performance about 15 minutes late to accommodate the folks who got stuck in the insane traffic.  The chorus was great, and totally worth the small stress of sitting in traffic.

After the performance, I spent a little more time outside reading on the patio while David watched another hockey game, and then we made one of David's favorite dinners (penne pasta with hot Italian sausage, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and Parmesan cheese).  We closed out the weekend with a movie from Netflix (Flash of Genius, which was only so-so).

Is it strange that I think such an average-sounding weekend was simply terrific?  Was it the perfect weather?  The fact that there were no errands to run?  The fact that David didn't have to work?  Regardless, I thought it was great.  I only hope next weekend is as good!

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