Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eighteen Weeks

I heart the second trimester.  Does it feel like it's chugging along faster because the weather has generally been nicer-- nice enough to distract me?  Because I'm not living in constant fear of losing the baby?  Because I was able to spread the good news far and wide weeks ago, and I'm no longer counting down the days to be able to tell everyone about the pregnancy?

I'd imagine it's all of the above, plus the simple fact that I just feel so much better than I did during those gloomy, wintry, couch-ridden first weeks.  Every day is full of possibility:  Will I bake bread today?  Make peanut brittle?  Run errands?  Drive into D.C. for lunch with Hill friends?  Sit on the patio in the sunshine and read a book?  The choices, while perhaps not infinite, certainly beat out lie-on-the-couch-and-watch-bad-daytime-TV, which was my activity of choice for pretty much all of February.  

I guess I'm hitting my pregnancy stride, so to speak.  I finally seem to look pregnant even to strangers, at least in the right clothes.  The host at Maggiano's last Friday asked me when I was due, which thrilled me to no end.  We're actually giving serious thought to baby purchases.  We test-drove strollers a few weeks ago (and think we've settled on this one, in red), and we're beating our heads against the wall trying to settle on furniture for the soon-to-be nursery (hate. all. of. it. ugh.).  I started reading the Fifth Month chapter in What to Expect today.  Fifth Month???  Seriously?  How can it be that I'm really almost halfway there?

I find myself wondering what the rest of the pregnancy will be like.  After this month, there will be a lot to look forward to:  Harbor Springs in May with Arwen, Bryan, Camilla, and Blaise; a trip to Georgia in June to see my family and my Hotlanta friends; a weekend in Jacksonville in July for a party to celebrate Judge Black's 30th anniversary on the federal bench (recently ok'd by my doctor, despite the plane ride-- hooray!); and the beach with my family in July, hopefully with a few days at Kiawah just for David and me.  Throw in a baby shower, serious baby shopping, decorating the nursery, perhaps taking a birthing class, creating a new office/den in the basement, and generally enjoying the summer, and I have a feeling the time will fly by.  

Oh, and we have a little something to look forward to next Monday:  the "big ultrasound," during which we will-- if the little one cooperates-- find out whether we're having a son or a daughter.  

Can't.  Wait.

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