Friday, March 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1.  Thank you so much for the kind comments and e-mails on my last post.  We're obviously thrilled about this, and truly amazed at the timing.  I feel so lucky to have been able to spend most of my first trimester napping on the sofa, instead of dragging myself to work each day.  A lot of people have been asking me how I've been feeling.  I think I made it through the first trimester fairly easily, all things considered.  I was exhausted a lot, a problem easily remedied by the aforementioned napping.  I didn't generally feel nauseous so much as I felt frustrated that absolutely nothing sounded good to eat.  My relationship with food is now much improved, which is a relief.  I even went to the grocery store this week without feeling like I wanted to gag, which was huge-- the grocery had been the one place that consistently made me queasy.  My bigger problem has been a pretty constant stuffy nose, but I've been making do with a humidifier, Vicks inhaler, and nasal saline rinse.  (Ew, yes-- but I've been desperate.  It's really not so bad once you get used to it.)

2.  David and I have a date tonight.  An honest-to-goodness dinner-and-a-movie date.  We're hitting our favorite Cajun/seafood restaurant and seeing Duplicity.  I keep trying to remind myself to enjoy outings like this now, because they won't be so easy or so common once the little one arrives.  

3.  David's firm was doing some kind of fundraiser involving daffodils this week, and some of the partners on his floor bought everyone a little bunch of flowers for the fundraiser.  So now I have happy, cheerful daffodils on my kitchen counter.  What a nice treat!

4.  Can I just say that March has been flying by?  The first week, we were looking forward to and then going to Michigan for Blaise's baptism.  The second week, I was looking forward to my 12-week doctor's appointment and the chance to go tell all my old colleagues about the pregnancy.  I don't know how this week has managed to slip by so quickly, but somehow it's Friday already.  I expect next week to be fast, because my mother-in-law and a family friend will be in town.  I'm not complaining; at this rate I'll be enjoying warm spring weather and planting flowers before I know it, but it's just so weird.  February seemed like it would never end.  Perhaps March has flown because I'm feeling so much better?

5.  The family friend who is visiting D.C. is a contractor who has been doing some work on David's brother and sister-in-law's house, and is now going to do some work around our house.  We've had a long list of relatively minor to-dos for many months, but David doesn't ever have time to tackle these projects, and neither of us is very handy.  We want to do everything from replacing the florescent overhead light in the kitchen with recessed lighting, to swapping out bathroom faucets and all of the internal doorknobs in the house.  It will be nice to get these things done before we start the next round of home changes, including moving the office to the basement and creating a nursery.  The way I feel about decorating a nursery is sort of the same way I felt about planning our wedding:  It's a lot more fun to look through photos and dream of all the various things you could do than it is to actually pull the trigger, make decisions, and leave all the other pretty options behind.  It's all the more challenging because most of the nursery furniture I've seen just doesn't appeal to me, and I truly hate almost all of the nursery bedding I've seen.  I think we'll end up with something fairly simple-- I just can't figure out yet exactly what it will be.  But hey, I ended up loving the choices we made for our wedding, so hopefully I'll feel the same way about the nursery.

6.  I used to think that fall was my favorite season, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that it's spring.  I get so excited to see the new glimpses of green around our house and to see the trees start to bloom around town.  Soon it will be cherry blossom time here in D.C., which would be terrific but for the tourists.  I've never actually been able to go downtown to walk around the Tidal Basin during cherry blossom season; it's just impossible to find parking, and the crowds are maddening.  I may have to figure out a way to suck it up and go this year, though, even if it means parking at David's office and taking a cab down to the trees.  It really is too pretty to miss seeing them up close every year.

7.  The belly.  It grows.  I'm not sure how much of this is bloat and how much of it is baby, but I definitely don't look this way all the time.  I wear the same pair of maternity jeans pretty much every day, because, well, they're the only ones I have.  It's better than wearing sweats, right?  I might embark upon some more shopping next week, but so far I've been doing okay with the one pair of jeans and several inexpensive non-maternity-but-looser tops from Old Navy.  Any tips on what I really need to buy for the spring and summer?  I'm just so grateful that I don't have to buy casual clothes and work clothes.  

Anyway, here's the belly as of today, at 13 weeks, three days:

More quick takes courtesy of Conversion Diary, here.


Natalie said...

I am so glad you took pictures of the belly!! I hate it that you are so far away from us! You have to keep sending pics so we can see the baby grow :-)

Lerin said...

Congratulations! :) said...


I found you from Arwen's blog and hope you don't mind if I subscribe. I like your writing and appreciate your honesty. Your post about Ash Wednesday reminded me of a priest's lament that so many people make sure they get their ashes but don't care to show up for Mass on Sunday.

GLouise said...

Over here from Arwen's blog. I was wondering where you had gone, and I am thrilled to hear your exciting news. Congratulations!