Friday, February 27, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1.  I'm sitting in our armchair in the living room with the sliding glass patio door open wide-- it's that warm out right now.  I took Sadie for a nice walk (poor dog, she's been deprived of them due to cold and owner exhaustion), and now I'm just trying to let as much fresh air as possible into the house before the weather turns crappy just in time for the weekend.  Is there anything worse than a high of 40 degrees with cold rain and/or wintry mix?  At least snow is pretty.  Cold rain is just gross.  

2.  If you can't tell from #1, I'm desperate for spring to arrive.  My flower beds are so sad and bleak.  I may need advice this year on what to plant to get the most color bang for our buck.  Our front yard and back patio get a lot of shade, which is a challenge.  I just know I'm not making the same mistake I made last year in planting lots of white flowers.  They're nice, but they just don't pop.  Perhaps inpatients in bright colors will be a better choice.  LOTS OF THEM.  I want to look out at the patio and see lovely color everywhere.

3.  This week's big accomplishments:  Doing ALL the laundry in the house, ironing quite a few of David's (innumerable) shirts, and actually cooking dinner for Tuesday-Friday.  I've also managed to maintain the house in a pretty-darn-clean state, although I think some more dusting and vacuuming are already in order.

4.  Last Friday, I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with my friend Brooke and a bunch of her girlfriends.  Brooke and I arrived early to grab seats for everyone, and we were excited to be the first two people in the theater.  We staked out perfect seats right in the center, spread out our coats and purses to hold seats for the other girls, and waited.  A little while later, some other folks started to filter in.  First, there were a couple of teenage-looking guys.  Then, an older group, but with more men than women.  I remember thinking that these didn't look like the kind of viewers I expected for Shopaholic, but it wasn't until Brooke and I were truly looking like the odd men out that I mentioned it to her.  We were in theater 13.  We pulled out our ticket stubs:  Shopaholic, 7:10 p.m., Theater 18.  Oops.  We gathered our things and dashed across the lobby to the correct theater, where (thankfully) we were still able to grab a row of seats that wasn't in the neck-craning front area.  I'm just glad we figured it out when we did!

5.  Speaking of movies, how happy am I that Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture?  David and I saw it a while back, and we both loved it.  Considering how depressing some of the recent winners have been (Million Dollar Baby, The Departed, No Country for Old Men), it was great to see something that was ultimately hopeful and uplifting in the top spot.  

6.  Television.  I've found that if I don't turn it on, I don't really miss it.  If it's on already, it's hard for me to turn it off.  The key, I think, is to watch what I want to see (like my TiVo-ed Top Chef from Wednesday night), and then turn it off immediately.  I'm perfectly content to read a book and listen to music, if I just keep myself from getting sucked in to the TV.  We're actually going to be reducing the number of televisions we have in the house.  We currently have three:  a large-ish one in the living room, and two tiny, ancient sets upstairs in the office and bedroom.  We're moving the office into the basement to create a sort of office/den combo, and we'll be getting a new, larger TV for that space.  That'll eliminate one of the upstairs TVs, and we've decided we're going to chuck the one in our bedroom.  We never, ever watch it, so why have it?  It just takes up space on the dresser.  I don't think we'll ever get rid of television entirely in our house.  David is too much of a sports fanatic to ever give up watching his teams every week.  (In the case of hockey and baseball, it sometimes feels like every day.)  But we're trying to be selective about what we watch, and diminish the role TV plays in our lives.  

7.  Uh-oh.  The rain is starting, and I still have errands to run.  Drat.  

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Lisa said...

Impatiens are perfect for the shade. We have a space along the back of the house where we put them in planters. I buy the cheap ones in the 6-packs, and then I cram eight of these little plants into one planter (much closer than recommended). I pinch back the blooms immediately and water them with miracle grow mix. In three weeks, they are crowding the planter and spilling out the top in beautiful bursts of color. Definitely a winner!

Charlotte said...

A very accomplished gardener I once knew said that the key to making a garden pop is to plant many colors or whatever colors you like, but ALWAYS mix in a few white flowers. That is the secret of making the other flowers stand out.