Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Best Medicine

The saying goes that sunlight is the best disinfectant, but I am more and more convinced that, for me, it is the best medicine.  I've been grumpy/tired/useless for various reasons over the past few weeks, which has been a bummer considering all my Grand Post-Work Plans.  I've felt extremely guilty for David to come home to my lying on the couch, no dinner made, whining that I'm too tired and yes I'm hungry but I can't do anything about it.  Blech.  Even I didn't want to be around me.

On Sunday after church, we came home and threw open some of the windows.  It was a gorgeous day, with temperatures in the upper 60s, and the air put me in a good mood.  I packed my suitcase to head to Michigan to see Arwen and my gorgeous newborn godson, then tried to take a Sunday afternoon nap with David.  But the yummy outside air wouldn't let me rest.  I got up and went into the office to surf around on the computer, and I just inhaled.  Ahhhh.  I forget, when I can't go outside or open the windows, how much I love it when I can.

Michigan wasn't too cold, but I arrived at Arwen's house on Sunday evening and literally didn't set foot back outside until after 5:00 yesterday, when I left to go back to the airport.  And wouldn't you know-- I was useless again.  Tired, lethargic, and not nearly as helpful as I'd intended to be.**  By the time I got home last night, I was downright grumpy again.

But today!  Bright sunshine and temperatures around 60 degrees!  I ran a couple of errands this morning, opened the windows when I got back home (just a little, because it was still a bit chilly and very windy, but enough to let the fresh air inside), did the dishes, unpacked my suitcase (a feat I wasn't able to accomplish in the weeks after our Tahoe trip over MLK weekend), took the dog for a long walk, shunned the television in favor of reading and music, and even planned what I'll make for dinner as soon as David gets home.  

David hates daylight savings time, but I'm already looking forward to March 8th, when I'll have an extra evening hour of my magic prescription.  Bring on the sun!

**  I still had a lovely time, and was thrilled to get to see the Moshers and meet my truly adorable godson, Blaise.  My mood stemmed from the cloud cover, not the company.


Salome Ellen said...

Have you considered buying a full-spectrum light bulb or two? You don't need special lamps anymore, and the bulbs are under $20 and can be packed for travel. Even if you're not diagnosable with Seasonal Affective Disorder, you still could get some benefit.
Can't wait to meet you in March!

perennial-mommy said...

I TOTALLY know what you are feeling. I could NEVER live in arctic temps...Our winter here has been extra cold. We also got some of that warm weather and it sure made me feel better. Now we are back to cold again. I can't wait for spring and summer!!! Love you!