Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been holding back on the blog.  Holding back about one of the major things that's been brewing in my life, because I couldn't talk about it just yet.  But the day has finally arrived.  Hooray!  

I have officially quit my job.  Turned in the blackberry yesterday.

It's been in the works for months-- well over a year, in some ways-- but the day is finally here.  I told my boss back in November, after the (depressing, tragic) election results.  He asked whether I wanted to stay on part time.  That was flattering:  To have a United States Senator want you to keep working for him so much that he offers to let you work out a schedule that works for you.  Alas, I told him, the Senate is not so much a part-time kind of place.  I've had far too many there-past-midnight-by-necessity nights to think that the work just magically gets done in a 30-hour-or-so week.

Still, it was tempting.  I simply adore my (former) boss.  

In the end, though, part time just wouldn't cut it.  Even when I'm not working crazy hours, I needed to (1) eliminate the work-hanging-over-my-head feeling, and the actual physical stress that causes me, and (2) undertake a radical life change.

What are you going to do with yourself?, people have been inclined to ask me.  I had a list at the ready for them.  My plan has been to (1) learn Spanish, (2) learn to knit, (3) do lots of yoga, (4) cook healthy meals, and (5) read all the books I've been meaning to read for years.  (G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy, anyone?)

Now, my actual list might be something along the lines of:  (1) freak out that I've actually quit my job, (2) facebook, (3) laundry and general house maintenance, (4) walk the dog, and (5) more facebook.  Who knows.  My days are mine!  Don't judge.

I'm betting on approximately two weeks of this feeling something like the start of summer vacation, when you just want to lie around and watch too much television, then get dressed just before the parents/husband get home to hide the fact that you've spent all day in your sweats.  (At least now there's TiVo instead of just bad daytime TV.  Yelling at the idiot women on The View wouldn't be good for my whole stress-reduction plan.  I'm talking about you, Joy Behar.  You're a moron.)  

After that, I'm confident that the New Life Order will be in full effect.  Or something like that.

Welcome to the next phase.


Natalie said...

You lucky girl! I'm really happy for you...and just hope this leads to more visits down to the Peach State!

(oh! and thank goodness you finally decided to blog again...I was going through withdrawal. With all your new found freedom, I expect daily updates!)

perennial-mommy said...

You crack me up. I hate watching the View, too. I can't ever understand what they are saying because they all talk at the same time. Anyway, I'm proud for you and your new phase of life. Being a homemaker is way fun and rewarding...just in a different way. I love you bunches!