Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When David's away, Lauren rambles all day

There's not much happening around Casa Petroni this week. David is in New York City for work, which required him to get up at the ungodly hour of 4:45 yesterday morning to catch a 6:50 flight. And wouldn't you know, his flight was delayed. Shocking. S'okay, I'm sure he didn't need that extra hour of sleep, anyway.

With David out of town, you can be sure that my evening yesterday consisted of some serious sofa + TV time, and a dinner of pepperoni, nuts, wheat crackers, and olive tapenade. Mmmm, healthy.

It also consisted of a two-hour trip to the Target Greatland out on Route 50. We usually do our Targeting at the location by our house, and we usually go together. I was driving by the Greatland location yesterday for an appointment, and I couldn't resist its siren song on my way back.

I learned that I should never, ever, be permitted to visit Target unaccompanied. It's possible that I might have purchased two pairs of shoes:

(It's possible that, in my excitement, I took pictures last night with my iPhone to e-mail to David in New York.)

It's also possible that I might have purchased a dress, three tops, two necklaces, a pair of earrings, lotion, mascara, powder, vitamins, headbands, three bottles of spray sunscreen, one tube of face sunscreen, tooth flosser refills, and two canvas storage bins for my closet.

I'm not saying that I actually purchased any of these items, mind you. Just that it might be possible. I admit nothing.

And if that was my rockin' Monday, what had the weekend held in store for me? David worked until about midnight Friday night, so I'm pretty sure I sat in our office and read blogs all evening.

Saturday was far more productive, even though David was-- you guessed it-- at work almost all day. We woke up early and headed out to the local farmer's market before he had to go to the office. It was a gorgeous morning, almost bordering on cool. It was the kind of weather that makes me wish for fall, a common wish for me once we hit August. (My fall weather wish also makes me hate September a little bit, with its stubborn insistence upon hanging onto summer-ish weather.) Sadie was excited for the walk, and we bought yummy chocolate croissants at the market.

I hit the gym for a yoga class after our walk, then watched the Tivo-ed Olympic Opening Ceremonies. (Which were admittedly amazing. I seem to remember our opening ceremonies in Atlanta being pretty lame. Of course, I would have been angry if my hometown had shelled out the kind of cash for the ceremonies that Beijing apparently did.) I cleaned up the back patio, where we're constantly clearing of leaves, and I started cleaning out my dresser and closet to dontate a bunch of clothes to charity.

David was planning to golf with Michael, Maureen, and our friend Jason on Sunday morning, which meant going to Mass on Saturday evening. We tried to run an errand after Mass, but the store was closed. We had over an hour before we were supposed to meet Michael and Maureen for a dinner to celebrate Mike's birthday early.

What to do when we're dressed for dinner with over an hour of free time?? Cocktails, of course!

We dropped into EatBar for one of my favorite cocktails, the Wimbledon. It's a basic, girly cocktail consisting of vodka, strawberry puree, and champagne, with a rim of strawberry Pop Rocks. It's no longer on the menu, but they'll still make it for you if you ask nicely.

Except . . . they wouldn't. I mean, the bartender said he would, if that was what I really wanted, but come on, it was really just vodka and strawberries, and how creative was that?

"But, um, the Pop Rocks," I squeaked.

"Sure, there are the Pop Rocks. But you can still do better," the bartender insisted. "Let me make you the Alchemist. I promise you'll like it. If you don't, I'll make you the Wimbledon."

I guess he made me an offer I couldn't refuse, because I was suddenly watching him throw together a concoction that involved some sort of elderberry liqueur, rye, lemon juice, lavender simple syrup, a shake of lavender on top, and a raw egg white. Because I like my cocktails with a little bit of danger.

I was suspicious. "Trust me," the bartender assured, setting the cocktail in front of me with a flourish.

I sniffed. I sipped. And lo, it was delicious. Smooth and not too sweet and smelling lavender-y lovely. So if you go to EatBar, ask whether James is bartending, and ask him to make you the Alchemist. You won't be disappointed.

Appropriately cocktailed, we met up with Michael and Maureen for huge slabs of beef at Ray's the Steaks, known for its terrific meat and non-existent decor. It was good, but after eating at Ray's twice, I think I'm just not sufficiently taken with the food to put up with the hassle. They don't take reservations ahead of time; instead, you have to show up in person around 4:00 on the day you want to eat to snag a dining time. The service is good, but hurried, and the menu expressly states that Ray's will ask you to move it along if you linger too long after eating. I love going out to eat with Mike and Maureen, or with other friends, and I find it a little stressful to need to worry about how long we're taking at the table. I guess I just like my steak with a little more polish and a little less hustle.

Sundays are always a little weird when we've gone to Saturday Mass. I wake up not knowing what to do with myself. David had left at the crack of dawn for golf, so I leashed Sadie up, donned my iPhone and headed out for an hour-long walk. The time between the walk and when David got home was sort of lost in a haze of puttering. I think I watched the last half of Stranger than Fiction, which you absolutely must watch if you haven't seen it before. It's creative and charming and clever, and I always cry a little at the end. I loaded a bunch of CDs onto iTunes that had never made it onto the computer, in preparation for vacation(!) next week.

I eventually decided it was time to run myself through the shower (seriously, not having to get ready for Mass on Sunday mornings throws me off), just in time for David to get home and take me to Baja Fresh. Yay for steak tacos! Not so yay for running errands to the golf store afterward! Yay for taking a nap after the golf store!

We ended the day at a new-ish restaurant in our neighborhood called La Strada. The weather was beautiful, so we sat out on the patio for dinner. The food was tasty and the service attentive, and we definitely plan to go back.

Ah, the weekend . . . when David was home and not stuck working in New York. How I miss you, weekend. (And how I miss you, David!)

So, um, yeah. That was exceedingly rambling. Sorry 'bout that. But my mom is reading this, and moms love to know the details of their children's lives. So let's just blame this on Mom, shall we? Hi, Mama! Love you!

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perennial-mommy said...

Target has always been a trap for me! I would go in for some undies for the girls and come out with a buggy full...They have great stuff, for sure! I've always wanted to be able to wear headbands. I just love the way they look, but they give me a headache. You'll have to post a picture wearing one. I love the pumps, too. They are fabulous!