Friday, August 22, 2008

Kiawah, Day Six

Vacation so far . . . .

It all started out so well. Cracker Barrel on the trip down. An upgraded room greeting us upon our arrival. The discovery of the Official Best Cocktail Ever, the sweet tea mojito. (Yes, that's right-- it's my two favorite drinks combined.) Flowers and champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in our gorgeous room.

Sadly, what was shaping up to be the best vacation ever has been significantly marred by death and rain. More specifically, my paternal grandfather (and heretofore my only living grandparent) died on Sunday night, just after we arrived at Kiawah Island. So Wednesday for me was spent using the most insanely overpriced plane ticket ever to fly from Charleston, through Atlanta, to Nashville, renting a car to drive to Horse Cave, Kentucky, for the funeral, driving back to Nashville (and getting caught no more than five miles into the return trip in the worst traffic I've ever experienced, causing me to call and leave multiple screaming messages on David's voicemail), flying from Nashville to Charlotte to Charleston, and driving back to the resort. Not the best day ever, but what can you do?

Since I arrived back at Kiawah, it's been pretty much non-stop rain. The "rain bands" from tropical storm Fay are drenching us, and although I'm grateful that we're not facing the worst of the storm, day two of gray skies and constant downpours has me going a little stir-crazy. I was prepared for afternoon showers and thunderstorms, you know, after I'd had a chance to sun myself for a few hours in the morning. This rain, though, has been relentless.

In the meantime, we've been reading, reading, reading. Which brings us to a little photo pair that demonstrates one of the differences between David and me. My idea of "beach reading" is pretty much mindless, chick-lit crap:

David's is, um, a little more challenging:

And, lest this post end up sounding too much like a pity party, we're still having a terrific time. And we still get to look out from our balcony and see this:

Not too shabby, I'd say.


Arwen said...

I love the contrasting stacks of books! So classic!

You can give yourself credit, I think, for being more realistic than David. You've got at least a chance of getting through your books in two weeks of vacation, whereas there is no way he is making it through all those tomes in such a short amount of time. Even IF the Brothers K wasn't on the list!

Roger said...

Tell Dave the premises of Planet Narnia are highly disputed. We had a lengthy discussion about it on the forum, and most of us serious scholars were of the opinion that Ward took an interesting thought way too far.

perennial-mommy said...

Are you home now? Sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing.