Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mike!!

When I married David, I knew I was getting a prince of a guy. But I also married into the greatest set of in-laws a girl could ask for, including a terrific brother-in-law. Like his parents and brother, Mike is extraordinarily smart. He's frighteningly good with numbers, and he has put many of our friends on his terrific budget system ("it sets you free!"). He's a charmer and can talk to absolutely anybody, and he works a room like no one's business. He's also absolutely hilarious, a born storyteller. He had us all in stitches during his toast at our wedding:

My favorite Mike quote, though, occurred a couple of hours prior to this photo, right after I'd walked down the aisle. Mike was David's best man, and he and my sister were up at the church altar with us. I had just handed my bouquet off to my sister and turned to face David, when Mike leaned over to give me a compliment:

"Your nails look really great."

It still cracks me up that, of all the things to notice on a bride, he zeroed in on my manicure. But that's Mike-- he doesn't miss the details.

I've long known that David and I are both incredibly lucky to have siblings who are truly our friends. Today, Mike officially joins David and me in the land of the thirty-somethings. Happy birthday, Mike! I hope it's a great one!

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Maureen said...

I second all of that!