Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vanity Plate of the Day

David and I like to amuse ourselves by laughing at other people, often when they have no idea that they've done anything funny.  We've long pointed out crazy vanity license plates to each other, because for some reason or another, there seem to be an unusually high proportion of them in the metro D.C. area.  Are people here just more full of themselves?  Do they think they're clever?  

It started to become a regular thing when we kept seeing one particular plate over and over.  (It's not unusual for us to see the same cars on our commute on a regular basis.  I've often followed a blue Honda Element with a Susan Collins bumper sticker and an Olympia Snowe bumper sticker all the way from Alexandria to my parking lot on the Hill.  Strange, eh?)  This particular plate was on a Lexus, driven by a woman who was obviously quite proud of her ride.  In case you couldn't tell that she was driving a luxury sedan, or that she is a woman, she told you right on the plate:  "LEXYLDY".  

Get it?  It's kind of like she's a sexy lady, but in a Lexus, you know, so she's Lexy . . . .

I've sometimes wondered whether LEXYLDY is married, and, if so, whether her husband ever drives her car.  Because it would be a little embarrassing, don't you think?  Ah, but I'm sure LEXYLDY is too much LDY for just one man.  Silly me.

The plates that announce that someone is a CU T PIE or HOTTIE1 or BIGMAN2 are our favorites, because we have a hard time believing that anyone who feels the need to announce his or her cutieness or hotness or bigness is really so special.

And so, I give you the first installment of the Petroni Vanity Plate of the Day Awards.  Today's winner is . . . JER Z QT!!!  You probably are from Jersey, and perhaps you're cute.  What's important is that the vanity plate proclaims it, and so it must be true-- at least in your head!!  And that's important . . . to you!  And at least you have the whole self-delusion--ahem!-- I mean confidence thing going for you, so that's something.

Here's to you, JER Z QT!  Congratulations!


Arwen said...

Hahahaha! I love it! I think you should definitely do more Vanity Plate of the Day.

Ali said...

so, when we were younger, my mom had one- hilarious. i remember it clearly (unfortunately)- "IVRYKEY." yes, we are from south carolina.

Salome Ellen said...

My all-time favorite will always be Lawrence Welk's -- "A 1 A 2" (If you don't get it, you are just too young; google him!"

Salome Ellen said...

And a new one from today -- 10ISPRO.
Divide it before the P.

laurenann08 said...

I've seen that JER Z QT plate too!!! i dont understand why there are so many vanity plates in this area-- dont people realize how dangerous it is!?!?!?!